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Yun travels universe with West Side Story


Life is a highway for John Yun starting this fall.

The Sault Ste. Marie local will work as an associate conductor for a travelling prolongation of West Side Story commencement in October.

The Algoma University College connoisseur will transport to some-more than 10 countries, including Germany, Italy, Japan and Singapore, over a year with a probable three-month prolongation to Jan 2018. There’s no breaks during a tour. It’ll be his longest true time on a road. He’ll lead an orchestra, trimming in distance from 20 to 40 members, one to dual shows per week. Yun will play a grand piano for other performances.

“I’m unequivocally vehement to do it,” he told The Sault Star. “It’s one of a large titles in a whole canon. The West Side Story measure is only incredible. There’s not too many that tip West Side Story. Everybody knows a themes and a story. I’m flattering vehement to do it.”

The musical, that premiered on Broadway in 1957, includes a songs Maria, America, we Feel Pretty and Jet Song. Yun is partial of a debate that celebrates a 100th anniversaries of a births of 3 artistic total compared with West Side Story – composer Leonard Bernstein, choreographer Jerome Robbins and author Arthur Laurents.

Yun, 31, was hired about dual weeks ago. He is now training a score. There’ll be about 8 shows a week.

Yun, who binds a master’s grade in piano opening from University of Western Ontario, welcomes a possibility to work with a incomparable band and see many cities overseas, including Prague, Seoul, Frankfurt and Dubai.

West Side Story is Yun’s second army as associate conductor for a furloughed musical. He assimilated a prolongation of Annie as keyboardist in a tumble of 2014. That army ran to Jul 2015. Yun was promoted to associate conductor final September. He continued with a low-pitched that stopped in vital American cities until May. Annie resumes in Aug in Indonesia followed by 3 weeks in Singapore.

Previous highway knowledge is a good beam for Yun. He knows to spend so many time touring, and thrive, he’ll need to have interests outward theatre. Yun skeleton to do indoor stone climbing, find out five-kilometre runs and, if possible, find games of pickup soccer.

“It’s unequivocally critical to find pockets of activities and things we suffer outward of work,” he said. “It’s critical to get in a stroke where it’s not only work and hotel. Your hotel room can unequivocally start to feel like a jail dungeon if you’re not careful. You remove lane of what city you’re in, a day it is. You need something to keep we going.”

Yun looks brazen to a opposite activities he’ll confront by travelling to so many opposite countries.

“As prolonged as you’re peaceful to try and get out there during a day it can be a flattering good schedule, quite for musicians,” he said.

Yun will skip The 12 Musicians of Christmas, an annual uncover hold during LopLops. He’s a unchanging performer alongside talent such as Cliff Alloy, Frank Deresti, Lindsay Pugh and Josh Norling.

“That’s a one we skip a most,” pronounced Yun. “It’s only a special gig.”

Packing will be a challenge. He’s been means to move two, 50-pound bags on past tours. Yun will have to make do with a extent of 44 pounds for one container and move one carry-on bag for West Side Story.


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