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Young Marine dies 3 days after removing shot in a head

A 19-year-old Marine who was on life support after he shot in a conduct died Monday night, officials said.

Carlos Segovia was pounded Friday while on weekend leave in Los Angeles. He was found slumped over in a driver’s chair of his car.

A car had pulled adult beside Segovia’s car in South Los Angeles and during slightest one chairman non-stop fire. No suspects have been identified.

“They shot a Marine. They shot a village leader,” family crony Claudia Perez told a Los Angeles Times. “It was not gang-on-gang assault like we routinely see on South L.A. streets. He left a bottom to see his family and was murdered in a streets.”

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Carlos Segovia had assimilated a Marines 6 months ago.

Carlos Segovia had assimilated a Marines 6 months ago.

(Justice for Carlos Segovia-Lopez/Facebook)

“This is a large detriment to a USA,” his mom Sandra Lopez told NBC in Los Angeles. “A large loss.”

The Marine was visiting desired ones while on leave from Camp Pendleton nearby San Diego.

“He was on his approach to my house,” Perez told a Los Angeles Times. “He texted my son that he was bringing pizza home. He never done it.”

Segovia had small or no mind function, and was being kept on life support. Before his death, Perez certified to a journal a family will have to make a preference about finale medical care.

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The coroner reliable to NBC in Los Angeles that Segovia had upheld away.

The immature Marine had no connectors to gangs or other activity that would seem to make him a aim of gun violence, according to cops. He was not in uniform when he was shot.

“At this point, it’s positively a mystery,” Capt. Peter Whittingham told a Los Angeles Times. “Like so many cases in South L.A., we have zero to go on during this point.”

The Marine came to a U.S. from El Salvador with his mother. He assimilated a Marines approximately 6 months ago, after finishing high school.

“He was a motivator,” Perez told a Los Angeles Times. “He was really positive. If we pronounced we couldn’t do it, he said, ‘Yes, we can.'”

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