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With An Eye On IoT, Pi Foundation Outs 50% Faster Raspberry Pi 3, With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

A vital new Raspberry Pi microprocessor has been announced today: a Pi 3 Model B house becomes a new top-of-the-line Pi, with a 64bit 1.2GHz quad-core chipset and 1GB RAM it’s being slated to offer a 50 per cent energy strike over a Pi 2. But is still labelled during only $35 — a strange Model B Pi price-tag, 4 years on from a debut.

Round about this time final year a Pi Foundation launched the 900Mhz quad-core Pi 2 — that was 6x faster than a afterwards top-of-the-Pi-line Model B+ board, and dubbed an affordable “entry-level PC”. Also labelled during $35.

The Foundation is touting a Pi 3 as opening adult “even more possibilities for IoT and embedded projects”. Speaking to the BBC, Pi owner Eben Upton said: “This is a initial Pi we can hang behind your TV and totally forget about.”

“The dual categorical things that people do with their Pi are use it as a PC deputy or use it as an embedded computer,” he added. “The Pi 3 is doubling down on both those things rather than going looking for new things to do.”

The unequivocally large understanding here is a inclusion of built in wireless LAN and Bluetooth. The Pi 2 had Ethernet though makers wanting a house to support wireless connectivity had to supplement a wi-fi or Bluetooth dongle. The Pi 3 removes a need to buy wireless add-ons, so it’s being positioned for out-of-the-box IoT expansion and as a absolute IoT heart that can link together mixed in-home connected devices.

As good as carrying some-more built in connectivity options and some-more estimate clout, a Pi 3 has softened energy government and an upgraded switched energy source — adult to 2.5 Amps — permitting it to support some-more absolute outmost USB devices, according to a Foundation.

Early benchmarks suggest it will broach a roughly 33 per cent strike on Pi 2 opening in aggregate.

Back in November, a Pi Foundation launched another new board: a singular core 1GHz Pi Zero delivers a lot reduction on a estimate opening front and lacks on-board connectivity options (a wi-fi dongle can be plugged into a micro-USB port) though it costs just $5 — a price-point that’s clearly targeting makers wanting to build individual IoT/connected devices.

The some-more absolute and good connected Pi 3 doubles down on a expansion in IoT inclination a Pi Zero was seeking to inspire — following on from a Pi 2, that was able of using a chronicle of Microsoft Windows that’s designed to support IoT apps (aka Windows 10 IoT; before called Windows Embedded).

At a launch eventuality today the Foundation pronounced it has worked closely with Microsoft to safeguard full harmony between a new Pi 3 house and Windows 10 IoT.

A “few hundred thousand” Pi 3 units are going on sale today, according to Upton.



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