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Witchdoctors’ far-reaching travels helped them trip visa checks

The Immigration Minister pronounced some-more resources were pumped into a Mumbai bureau to hoop a swell in applications.

Con artist faith healers avoided inspection since they were well-travelled and had a purify record before exploiting tourist visas, authorities say.

Documents expelled underneath a Official Information Act suggested messy checking of traveller visas preceded the attainment of witchdoctors from India who set adult emporium in Auckland and Wellington.

Nine couples arrived on caller visas lodged in Mumbai, India, between Nov 2014 and Mar final year. None of their applications were theme to any corroboration during a Mumbai branch.

Ads for witchdoctors and scoundrel faith healers in internal media were peppered with impracticable promises.

Immigration New Zealand pronounced on Tuesday the soothsayers and self-proclaimed astrologers who escaped inspection were well-travelled.

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“Immigration officers who assessed a applications in these 9 cases resolved that additional corroboration was not indispensable as a field had endless transport story with no issues noted,” an INZ orator said.

The immigration service’s Mumbai bureau has experienced a swell in a workload, with tyro visa applications alone mountainous 28 per cent final year.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse’s bureau pronounced a Government had injected more resources into a Mumbai branch.

A mouthpiece for Woodhouse said INZ “invested heavily in comprehension entertainment and corroboration support resources for immigration officers in India” including substantiating a risk manager in a Mumbai office.

She pronounced due to a “complexity of a marketplace and a high occurrence of fraud” in India, tyro visa capitulation rates for that nation had traditionally been reduce than elsewhere.

“The high visa decrease rates, and showing of over 500 attempted rascal cases this year from India, are justification of a poignant bid by INZ to conduct students and agents who contention fake and dubious information, or who do not accommodate smallest visa requirements.”

Labour’s immigration spokesman Lees-Galloway pronounced a fraudulent faith healers had apparently trafficked a universe using identical scams before.

“It surprises me not so most that a visas were authorized in a initial place though that [these couples] weren’t picked adult during a border.”

People found guilty of immigration rascal can be jailed for adult to 7 years, fined adult to NZ $100,000, or both.

The witchdoctors and self-declared astrologers fled after INZ wrote to them surveying allegations of malfeasance.

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