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Windows 10’s Cortana will remind we to keep promises done in emails

Microsoft’s Cortana practical partner is digging deeper into users’ email accounts in hopes of formulating some-more useful reminders.

With a latest Windows 10 Insider build, Cortana will indicate for commitments that users make around email, and afterwards offer to emanate a reminder. For instance, emailing “I’ll get we this news by a finish of a day” to your trainer will emanate a sign label in Cortana’s categorical menu.

As The Verge points out, this sign routine isn’t totally automated. Users will still have to click a symbol in Cortana’s menu to set a reminder, so they won’t be unnecessarily pestered by reminders they didn’t intend to create. And since a email scanning happens locally on a device, Microsoft won’t store any email information unless users click a “set reminder” button. Users can also invalidate a underline wholly if they don’t wish email-based sign cards to appear.

Beyond email reminders, Cortana is also removing a bit some-more active with calendar appointments. Users will get an warning if someone sends a last-minute assembly request, or if a ask falls outward of a user’s standard assembly times. The thought is that users can fast reschedule or adjust their routines in response to these requests.


Email reminders are rising currently in a United States for Windows 10 Insiders, and a new calendar alerts are accessible in a United States and United Kingdom. The new facilities should hurl out to all Windows 10 users soon, though Microsoft is still reckoning out how to move them to Cortana on iOS and Android.

Why this matters: Microsoft says a idea with Cortana is to impersonate a real-life personal assistant, and says these new facilities are only a beginning. Compared to Google Now and Apple’s Siri—both of that have ramped adult their possess active facilities in new months—the concentration for Microsoft seems to be some-more on productivity. That concentration could assistance Cortana mount out as Microsoft expands a practical partner beyond Windows devices.


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