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Widespread Power Outage Hits Washington, DC, Area

A energy outage knocked out energy opposite Washington, D.C., with reports of outages during a White House, State Department, several museums and a University of Maryland campus.

An central with a Department of Homeland Security central told ABC News that initial information showed a means of a outage was an blast in a southern Maryland energy plant.

PHOTO: A male checks his cellphone in a restaurant, as energy earnings after a brief energy outage, Apr 7, 2015, in Washington.

A orator for a Potomac Electric Power Company pronounced a application association was in a routine of restoring generating capacity.

Several Smithsonian museums reported outages and were evacuated. According to a Smithsonian, a buildings will be reopened when energy is restored.

The outage knocked out energy during a State Department’s daily briefing.

The White House gifted a energy outage as well, though energy came behind within seconds. The West Wing is now regulating a fill-in generator.

The energy also went out during a Warner Theatre during Oprah Winfrey’s remarks during a Maya Angelou stamp event.

ABC News’ Jack Date, John Parkinson, Alex Mallin and Mary Bruce contributed to this report.


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