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Why Floyd Mayweather Will Crush Manny Pacquiao

By Joseph Santoliquito

LAS VEGAS, NV (CBS) — Floyd Mayweather was being a pest. He nervously paced a suburban Detroit hotel run that splendid Oct morning, a rising star during a time, looking for a gym—needing it some-more than food.

“I have to get one some-more in, one more, call around, find someplace where we can go,” Mayweather told one of his underlings. “There has to be one gym around this freakin’ place!”

This was Mike Tyson-Andrew Golota weekend, dual days before Mayweather was going to take on Emanuel Burton (now Emanuel Augustus) on HBO’s ephemeral “KO Nation” series.

And Mayweather still felt he indispensable to get in some-more work.

Floyd Mayweather is a prodigy, lifted around boxing. It’s all that he has known. His father, Floyd Sr., fought. His uncles, Roger and Jeff, fought. Boxing courses by Mayweather like blood. So does winning on a biggest stages of a sport.

May 2 won’t be any different, when Mayweather stairs in opposite Manny Pacquiao during a MGM Grand in Las Vegas, in a quarrel many fighting observers know should have taken place 5 years, yet a quarrel many sports fans wish to see.

There is also a reason because Mayweather is a best warrior in a world. He’s 47-0, with 26 KOs, and hasn’t mislaid a quarrel given Aug 2, 1996 (to Bulgaria’s Serafim Todorov in a 1996 Olympic featherweight semifinals) or in 6,846 days (which translates into 18 years, 8 months, and 29 days).

Mayweather suffers from a critical addiction: operative out. That’s partial vanity, partial insecurity. He loves training and can’t assistance yet demeanour during himself in a counterpart each possibility he gets, either it’s when he is attack a speedbag or walking in between cars in a parking lot.

Underneath a open audacity and strut lies an uncertain contestant who constantly questions himself. It’s because he’ll accumulate adult his organisation and work out during 2 a.m. He fears that if he is not tighten to perfect, he won’t be means to perform.

And it’s a primary reason because Mayweather will gnaw adult a smaller, shopworn Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KOs) in their welterweight showdown approaching to be many financially remunerative quarrel in fighting history. An estimated 3 million are approaching to squeeze a record-priced $99-pay-pay-view telecast and a crossover interest and media credential direct have reached all-time highs.

But bark by all of a shtick and accoutrements surrounding this quarrel is a sheer existence that Mayweather is simply a better, more-conditioned, more-skilled warrior than Pacquiao.

If a quarrel took place 5 years, as many in a fighting universe hoped, it would have had a same outcome, yet a most closer fight. Pacquiao wouldn’t have 78 rounds of wear on his body, including a harmful sixth-round knockout detriment to Juan Manuel Marquez in Dec 2012.

In comparison, Mayweather, 38, has usually fought 64 rounds given 2010, and his defensive-oriented character has prevented a kind of abuse Pacquiao has endured.

“I wish that it lives adult to a event, to a expectations, to a hype. Unfortunately, too many of Mayweather’s fights don’t live adult to a hype,” Hall of Fame broadcaster Larry Merchant said. “The fad ends when a initial bell rings. That said, Mayweather’s form of warrior has a longer shelf life than Pacquiao’s character of a fighter. So Mayweather will be a favorite — a clever favorite – to win.

“Five or 6 years ago, if this quarrel would have taken place then, Mayweather would have been a favorite, too, yet not as certain of a favorite. That’s been a disproportion in a dual fighters given then. If we put a gun to my head, there is a reason because a favorite is favored. What we would like to see is Pacquiao be a aged Pacquiao. And if he can be that for one night, afterwards he has a shot.”

Pacquiao is training some-more diligently and harder than for any quarrel he has ever had. But his physique is commencement to misuse him. He suffered cramps in his calves, that are cut like prominent diamonds and go on a male most larger.

The “old” Pacquiao, yet 36 and a year younger (Pacquiao will spin 37 in December) than Mayweather, might finally be removing old.


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