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Who pays? New beam sets out manners for Trudeau travels, nannies

Justin Trudeau’s revisit trips abroad — mostly with an environment of family, nannies, officials and guest — lift wily questions about who travels on a open dime and who does not.

So a supervision recently “formalized” a rules, environment out who digs into their possess pockets for transport losses and who gets their bills picked adult by taxpayers.

One astonishing avowal in a four-page guideline document, performed by CBC News underneath a Access to Information Act, is a border to that open income can safeguard a primary minister’s personal travels, such as vacations or trips for a Liberal party.

The transport costs and salaries of a “residential staff member” — a formula word for caregiver — are authorised to be picked adult by a supervision during a family’s private travel, for example:

Trudeau U.S. visit

Trudeau arrives for a state revisit in Washington, D.C., with his mother Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, left, and their children Xavier James, Ella-Grace and Hadrien in March. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)

“In addition, if a residential staff member is asked by a primary apportion to accompany his or her family on personal transport as partial of their duties, a supervision of Canada will cover a travel-related costs, if requested.”

Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, have 3 immature children, Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien, who infrequently join them on trips. Xavier, for example, recently accompanied his father for an central outing to Poland and Ukraine. The kids have also trafficked to London and Washington with their parents.

A orator says Trudeau has never requested a supervision compensate airfare for a caregiver that accompanies a family on personal trips, even yet a manners concede it.

“As per long-standing supervision process and for confidence reasons, specific arrangements (on supervision aircraft, for example) contingency be done for a primary apportion when he travels, either on central or personal business,” Olivier Duchesneau pronounced in an email.

“As was a box with prior primary ministers, when travelling for personal reasons, a primary apportion pays a satisfactory marketplace value of an economy airfare for himself, members of his family, and any residential staff member that transport with him. The primary apportion will continue to do that.”    

The discipline also uncover a supervision pays for travelling staff members from a Privy Council Office’s tour-support territory “to safeguard simple executive support and secure communications capacities for a primary apportion during his personal travel.”

Access to secure communications

In addition, one assistance from a Prime Minister’s Office is authorised to transport to “support” Trudeau on personal trips, again on a supervision dime.

The element is that a primary apportion contingency have entrance to secure communications during all times, even during vacations, to respond effectively to crises, such as a new attempted manoeuvre in Turkey.

Privy Council Office mouthpiece Regine Beauplan says staff yield support during all transport by a primary minister, including “the origination of a proxy satellite versed bureau that provides entrance to a secure apparatus he needs to lift out his duties.”

The RCMP is obliged for all belligerent transport if a Trudeau family travels for personal reasons, a discipline say, and a supervision pays a whole check though seeking reimbursement.

Unless they are partial of a central commission for an general trip, a primary apportion will privately be obliged for profitable a cost of dishes and incidentals for any child …
– 2016 discipline on primary ministerial travel

For security, a primary apportion and family fly on supervision aircraft even for personal trips, customarily a Challenger jet for brief hauls and an Airbus A310 for longer jaunts.

For those private trips, a primary apportion and travellers repay a supervision for a homogeneous blurb economy airfare, roughly always most reduction than a tangible cost of troops organisation and planes.

Trudeau’s family took a 10-day examination vacation in St. Kitts and Nevis over a New Year’s holidays, drifting on a supervision Challenger jet that remained on standby. Trudeau pronounced he would repay a homogeneous of economy fares, though a outing is estimated to have cost a troops roughly $50,000, including organisation costs.

For transport on supervision business, a manners generally state that central delegations — a primary apportion and any others rigourously invited by a unfamiliar supervision — are entirely lonesome for all transport expenses. That includes a children, if they make it onto a central list.

Nannies, kids’ travel

If a children aren’t on a central commission list, they can fly for giveaway usually if there’s room on a plane. Meals are another matter:

“Unless they are partial of a central commission for an general trip, a primary apportion will privately be obliged for profitable a costs of dishes and incidentals for any child travelling with a primary apportion during supervision business.”

The formidable guidelines, codified in a Feb. 24, 2016, memo authorized by a clerk of a Privy Council, “were formalized to simulate supervision practice,” pronounced orator Raymond Rivet.

The primary minister’s nannies done headlines in Dec when CBC News suggested a cupboard sequence sanctioning a employing of dual child-care workers on a open payroll. During a 2015 choosing campaign, Trudeau had pronounced “wealthy families” like his did not need assistance from taxpayers for child care.

Trudeau Nannies 20151202

One of dual nannies, Marilou Trayvilla, tip right, with a Trudeau family before she was consummated in June. A new order book says a primary apportion can ask open income to compensate for nannies who transport with a family on private vacations. But a orator for Trudeau says he has always paid for nanny travels on these personal trips, and will continue to do so. (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

At a time, Trudeau mouthpiece Kate Purchase said: “Like all families of primary ministers, a tiny series of staff yield assistance. Given a inlet of a primary minister’s responsibilities and his immature family, a Trudeaus occupy dual domicile employees who, in further to behaving other duties around a house, act as delegate caregivers to a 3 children.”

In Jun this year, one of a dual nannies was terminated. A orator pronounced a Trudeaus replaced the worker with someone they hired and paid out of their possess funds.

The family lives rent-free in Rideau Cottage, a vast government-owned chateau on a drift of Rideau Hall, while officials examination how to remodel and remodel a central chateau during 24 Sussex Drive.

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