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Who paid for Bill Clinton’s accusers to transport to a debate?

ST. LOUIS — One of a women who have indicted Bill Clinton of passionate assault, Juanita Broaddrick, told reporters during a discuss on Sunday that a website Breitbart paid for her outing to St. Louis.

But that competence not be a case, according Donald Trump’s campaign.

Broaddrick, along with dual other women who have indicted Clinton of attack and one whose assailant Hillary Clinton once represented as a open defender, all seemed in St. Louis in a warn press accessibility alongside Donald Trump before a debate. The 4 also had primary seats in a discuss hall.

Trump discuss mouthpiece Hope Hicks pronounced in an email that a discuss paid for a women’s travels.

“They were a invited guests,” Hicks said.

A mouthpiece for Breitbart also denied that a site paid for a women’s travels to a debate.

But a tie between Breitbart and a Trump discuss runs deep, that in serve to Broaddrick’s claims Breitbart had saved her trip, combined ot a confusion. Breitbart has been one of Trump’s biggest cheerleaders for months now, and on Sunday morning, a site published an exclusive talk with video of 3 of a 4 women.

Trump discuss CEO Stephen Bannon is on a mangle from his pursuit as Breitbart’s authority to assistance run a campaign, a pierce that serve solidified a bond between a discuss and a website. Bannon is seen in video of a press accessibility with a 4 women and Trump, station opposite a wall toward a back.

Hadas Gold is a contributor at Politico.


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