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What Surprised Us Most About Fuller House

John Stamos, Full House, Celeb Crushes
John Stamos, Full House, Celeb CrushesABC

Uncle Jesse was my initial TV vanquish and be advised, a adore was real.

One Christmas in a late 80s, we got a cold cosmetic Smurf camera and spent an whole hurl of film* perplexing to take a design of Uncle Jesse, a k a John Stamos on my TV.** (Note: This did not work and we staid with a palm drawing, that we still have in a box somewhere and it is sealed “Kristin Katsopolis.”)

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My sister and we watched Full House like it was a religion. We knew all a catchphrases, we laughed each singular time Uncle Jesse did his Elvis clarity or baby Michelle quipped “You got it, dude!” We even suspicion John Stamos’ mullet, that fundamentally looked like a raccoon landed retrograde on his head, was a many stately braid ever to have existed.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, while scheming to watch Netflix’s reboot FullerHouse, that we watched an aged part of a original Full House, that we hadn’t seen in dual decades, that a fulfilment strike me:


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No, really. Somehow, a whole era who grew adult examination TGIF was Jedi mind-tricked into desiring that a Tanner family was peculiarity entertainment, when it turns out, Full House was cheesy as all hell, about as humorous as toast, and alarmingly predictable. “What ever happened to predictability?” a strain asks, though it’s RIGHT THERE, BUDDY. You don’t have to demeanour any serve than your possess front door! 


I’ll tell we how, and it’s a same reason Netflix’s rebooted version, Fuller House, is actually—wait for a real big warn here—so very weird though also wonderful at a same time. It’s only nauseating good fun. You might have seen that the reviews for Fuller House have been mostly disastrous (some piercingly so), but a uncover does have it clever points, utterly if we are a former (hoodwinked) fan of a original. 

Fuller House Is Here: Behind-the-Scenes Pics from a Netflix Revival

Fuller House, Full HouseNetflix

Fuller House, even some-more so than a original, is totally wakeful of how absurd it indeed is. It isn’t perplexing to be anything other than cute, mindless, heartwarming entertainment. And it’s miss of perplexing so tough is somehow strangely endearing, in an age where shows like Mr. Robot or How to Get Away With Murder make we doubt your possess sanity because we looked down to answer one email and unexpected zero creates sense. Fuller House is…easy.

It also must be pronounced that Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner) is desirable and charismatic in her grown-up role, as a widowed mom of three—and also physically kills it with some Dirty Dancing-inspired dance scenes and a Mexican wrestling slight that we still can’t trust is indeed her. (And it is.) Her chemistry with Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber), who pierce into a aged Tanner residence to assistance her, is undeniable. Are these ladies going to win Emmys? Nope. But they broach their ridonkulous lines with a curtsy and a blink that creates it transparent they are in on a joke.

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For me, my attribute with Full/Fuller House has come full circle. we desired it as a child since of all a playful moments—what kind of cool-ass uncles sing a Flintstones and do wacky impressions? And now, dual decades later, we conclude it on an wholly opposite turn as a mom. DJ’s predicament as a operative mom perplexing to change ear infections and soccer use and career really speak to me—however uncomplicated a messages might be. And there’s something unequivocally honeyed about a thought of family—whether by birth (Stephanie) or by choice (Kimmy)—stepping in to assistance lift small ones and formulating a makeshift village, something so many moms these days crave in a fractured society. 

And newsflash: Kids still adore this show. Like, an violent amount.

A few weeks ago, we was in a center of a screener for Fuller House when my 4-year-old and 6-year-old boys walked into a room and I immediately strike pause (as usually I’m examination things like, we know, Scandal or Game of Thrones).

“Mama, that’s funny! Can we watch?” a youngest one doe-eyed as any deceit preschooler knows to do.

The scene was Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) regulating a leaf-blower to cover his nephews in toilet paper after he had green-slimed them in their vital room.


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It was a initial time my kids watched one of “my shows” with me, and a sound of their laughter—The 4-year-old legitimately rolled behind and onward on a building while giggling “my humorous tools hurt!”—made me comprehend how my relatives contingency have felt when we watched it as a kid: What. Is. This. Weird. Show??! And since do my kids adore it? And who cares since demeanour during their faces!

Fuller House is equal tools terrible and wonderful. It isn’t cold or irritable but, if we watched a strange behind in a day, it might make we feel infrequently happy. Especially now if we have kids of your own.

I’ve watched 6 episodes, many of them with my boys. And we can we tell, if we are one of a Bamboozled TGIF Generation, Fuller House is value your time. It’s only submissive and infrequently honeyed and nauseating good fun.

And bonus: This time around, no animals were spoiled in a creation of John Stamos’ hair. And he’s still swoon-worthy.

*”Film” was something they used to put into a “camera” before iPhones and selfie sticks.

**A TV set is something people used to watch shows on, in their vital rooms, live, but a ability to record. Like, once it was over, we couldn’t see it again until a following week. Somehow, and I’m not utterly certain how, we survived.

Fuller House Is Here: Behind-the-Scenes Pics from a Netflix Revival


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