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What happens to those giveaway Windows 10 upgrades after Jul 29, 2016?

What happens to those giveaway Windows 10 upgrades after Jul 29, 2016?

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How prolonged should we wait before deploying Windows 10?

How prolonged should we wait before deploying Windows 10?

Ed Bott shares some Windows 10 emigration advice.

Microsoft’s desirous devise to get Windows 10 using on a billion devices within a subsequent few years depends to a vast border on a success of a giveaway ascent offer.

When a association initial announced a terms of that offer final May, it literally enclosed an asterisk and excellent print. Those terms have altered somewhat over a inserted months, though one component has remained constant: The offer is good for one year after a accessibility of Windows 10.

Here’s a tangible diction of a offer, as it appears today:

It’s giveaway and easy

Upgrade quietly – 100+ million fans have upgraded and are amatory it. You’ll have a free, full chronicle of Windows 10 — not a hearing or a lite chronicle — if we finish your ascent before Jul 29, 2016.

And this is what now appears in a excellent imitation during a bottom of that page (emphasis added):


In fact, Microsoft’s genuine idea with this ascent offer isn’t usually to get a commissioned Windows 10 bottom to a billion. The long-term idea is to assistance tighten a books on Windows 7 in an nurse conform before a extended support joining ends on Jan 14, 2020.

Some of those Windows 7 PCs will simply be retired, of course. But what about those that are usually a few years aged and have some-more than 4 years of serviceable life forward of them? For Microsoft executives, a awaiting that hundreds of millions of PCs will still be using Windows 7 on New Year’s Day 2020 has to move behind upsetting flashbacks of Windows XP’s disorderly end.

I see during slightest 3 probable scenarios personification out when Jul 29, 2016 rolls around.

Scenario 1: Microsoft sticks with a deadline and starts charging for Windows 10 upgrades.

There’s copiousness of fashion for this, formed on past behavior. For Windows 7 and 8, Microsoft offering poignant rudimentary discounts and afterwards finished them on news after a few months, with no extensions. we suspect that could occur here, too. But does it make sense?

Not really.

There’s no financial reason to lift a block after one year. Retail upgrades have historically represented a little share of Microsoft’s income (see a draft in this article), and many business who competence have been peaceful to compensate for an ascent will have taken advantage of a giveaway offer by then.

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Windows 10 during 6 months: Ready for primetime?

Windows 10 during 6 months: Ready for primetime?

Here’s Ed Bott’s midterm report.

Asking existent Windows 7 users to compensate $99 or some-more after they’ve spent a year avoiding a giveaway ascent seems like a surefire approach to pledge that they never upgrade. That significantly increases a risk of an XP-style disaster come 2020.

I cruise this unfolding rarely unlikely.

Scenario 2: Microsoft extends a giveaway ascent offer indefinitely.

The indicate of commanding an death date is to supplement some coercion to a ascent decision. Act now! Don’t be close out!

In theory, a association could get to a finish of a giveaway ascent period, announce that a whole module has been an uncontrollable success, and usually extend it.

But all that plan does is yield an forgive for laggards to keep kicking a can down a highway for as prolonged as possible. That doesn’t align with any of Microsoft’s goals, and as a outcome we cruise this unfolding also rarely unlikely

Scenario 3: A new “free upgrade” offer replaces a stream offer.

Sometime in a initial half of 2016, Microsoft skeleton to boat a subsequent vital underline ascent to Windows 10, codenamed “Redstone.” Members of a Windows Insider module are now contrast preview releases of a initial Redstone builds, and a release notes for a latest build, 14251, offers a spirit that new facilities will start nearing really soon:

We’re during a commencement of a new growth cycle for a subsequent underline refurbish to Windows 10, and that means teams will be checking in lots of new formula as they confederate their underline payloads.

In a new “Windows as a Service” model, Microsoft says it skeleton to broach dual or 3 new releases any year. So let’s assume that Redstone arrives 6 months after a chronicle 1511 update. That would put a recover date in May 2016, that would give Microsoft about dual months for one final pull to remonstrate holdouts to take advantage of a giveaway ascent offer before it expires.

And afterwards Jul 29, 2016, rolls around. That’s a ideal event to gloat about a success of a ascent offer so distant and to contend it’s been so successful that Microsoft is fluctuating it for a singular time. (Remember, a indicate of a deadline is to supplement urgency.)

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Microsoft updates support policy: New CPUs will need Windows 10

Microsoft updates support policy: New CPUs will need Windows 10

PCs formed on new CPU architectures, including Intel’s Skylake chips, will need Windows 10.

One probable prolongation date is Oct 31, 2016. That’s when OEM sales of new PCs with Windows 7 Professional strictly end.

Another possibility? Dec 31, 2016. New manners for a New Year, and an event to constraint upgrades from one final holiday shopping season.

But a many expected date, as distant as I’m concerned, is Jul 17, 2017. That’s a date when Microsoft skeleton to dump support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on hardware that’s formed on a latest era of Intel CPUs, codenamed Skylake. Aligning those dates would be ideally in gripping with Microsoft’s long-term goals and offer a carrot (free upgrades) to go with a hang (an early finish of support) for those customers.

After examination Microsoft in movement over a past few years, I’m sincerely certain that even a tip executives haven’t nonetheless motionless accurately what to do in 6 months. That preference competence not be done until really late, and it positively won’t be communicated to a open anytime soon.

If someone tries to tell we they know what will occur come that day, don’t trust them.







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