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Week 2 Patriots vs Bills Betting Odds: Predict a Score!

The New England Patriots are streamer to Buffalo to take on a Bills. The contingency makers now have a diversion during a push, so they’re raised an even-battle as is tradition with Rex Ryan. The even betting line favors a Bills.

The Patriots have unsuccessful to cover a widespread in 5 of a 6 before games opposite Rex Ryan, with a Buttfumble diversion a sole exception. If a line is even, and a Patriots destroy to strech a line, that means that a final measure projects a Bills victory.

This, of course, is opposite to quarterback Tom Brady and his 23-3 record opposite a Bills- and that is including a Week 17 diversion final deteriorate where Brady played a half and many of a starters didn’t play. The Patriots have reached the Super Bowl in any deteriorate they’ve mislaid to a Bills (2003, 2011, 2014).

Brady is also 4-0 in games with an even line. Two of those games happened over a decade ago (2001, 2004), and a other dual happened final season: We’re on to Cincinnati, and a Super Bowl.

The over/under is also set during 45. The Patriots and Rex Ryan-led Jets strike a over on 8 of their before 10 games. The dual exceptions were Week 16 final deteriorate where a Patriots were resting certain players, and a start of a 2013 deteriorate when a Patriots didn’t unequivocally have an offense.

What is your prophecy for a game?


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