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WATCH: Seth Rogen Pranks Supermarket Shoppers with Talking Food

This might go down as one of a many terrifying pranks of all time.

Seth Rogen, whose R-rated charcterised film Sausage Fest comes out on Friday, motionless to shock gullible shoppers by fixation remote control-operated animatronic food — including a sausage, cantaloupe and fritter of bread, all uttered by Rogen — in a genuine New York City supermarket to weird people out. And it really freaked people out.

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One woman, however, was surprisingly blasé. As she ate a cantaloupe sample, Rogen-as-melon yelled during her, “Are we eating my nephew?” to that she coolly responded: “Yeah.”

The film follows a sausage named Frank (Rogen) and his supermarket food friends who energetically expect a Fourth of July, when they will finally be “chosen” and taken home. They do not know this means being eaten … so we can suppose a indirect terror. Kristen Wiig plays a prohibited dog bun, Bill Hader plays a bottle of wine and Michael Cera and Jonah Hill take on a roles of their lives as Rogen’s associate sausage comrades.

Watch a antic here:

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We can't suppose anything some-more terrifying than reaching for a fritter of bread and carrying it scream behind during us, so acclamation to these gullible shoppers for being such good sports.


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