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WATCH: Fight or flight? Politics during a Thanksgiving table

Whether you’re during a adult or a kids list this Thanksgiving it is expected that a contention of politics will unfold. “It’s always order of ride you’re not ostensible to speak about politics with people,” began one New Yorker we interviewed, “but we feel like politics is pushing a conversation.”

Responses sundry from being fervent to plead a unsure domestic landscape, to gearing adult for ungainly glances, to even gripping domestic speak distant from a turkey and stuffing.

“I’m a clergyman and we only preached from a pulpit that it’s best right now to be group and women of assent and not speak politics during a table,” one male pronounced while another enthusiastically stated, “If a theme comes up, I’ll really speak about it!”

Whether we rivet or not, it’s no tip that domestic sermon can get romantic and some-more than one in each 3 Americans contend they’re stressed out about a thought of articulate about politics during a Thanksgiving cooking table. (ABC News/SSRS)

“I’m not carrying Thanksgiving with my family, that will help,” voiced one lady.


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