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Watch blithe baby have her hair cleared for a initial time

As a H2O cascades over her little conduct full of hair in a initial bath of her life, a blithe demeanour on this baby baby can’t assistance though make we smile.

Taveon Glenn, 20, common an darling video of his daughter, Amira Yvonne, removing her hair cleared by a helper during Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, and it’s melting hearts.

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Glenn’s fiancee, Sierra Still, 21, gave birth to Amira during 10:04 p.m. on Nov. 19, and he couldn’t conflict filming a impulse when his initial child got a proposal soaking from a nurse.

“Watching Amira removing her hair cleared for a initial time was one of a many priceless, monumental moments that we have ever witnessed, and we wanted to constraint that impulse so my family and friends could also see,” Glenn told TODAY. “It warmed my heart meaningful that we combined such a pleasing baby girl.”

Taveon Glenn

The video has been watched some-more than 30 million times given Glenn posted it on Sunday, dual days after a birth of Amira, whose name means “princess” in Hebrew.

“I consider that a video got such most courtesy since everybody is used to saying so most negativity on a news and amicable media,” Glenn said. “A precious, loose baby is a accurate thing that people indispensable to see. This video has brought smiles to so many faces and has also caused a whole lot of “baby fever.”

Taveon Glenn

“Many people have told me that they enjoyed a video since it reminds them of when their children were small. I’m beholden that my daughter has warmed so many hearts opposite a world.”

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