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WATCH: 1.4 million bruise chief plant steam generator travels from Port of …

A few weeks back, if we had your eyes peeled pushing by a Columbus Street wharf downtown, we might’ve held a glance of a planet’s largest railcar as it sat watchful for a really large payload.

The 36-axle “schnabel” automobile would be installed with a 1.4 million bruise steam generator firm for Jenkinsville, S.C., a vicious square of skeleton to enhance a V.C. Summer Nuclear Station. The car, done by Westinghouse for projects only like this, is designed to hoop and discharge intensely complicated and oversized loads over normal tyrannise tracks.

A video shot by Charleston prolongation emporium The Cut Company and posted by Westinghouse, that also creates a large steam generator, shows a mechanism’s tour from a swell of a tanker boat to a end only outward of Columbia — a 3 day, 141-mile outing that Westinghouse officials contend was in a formulation stages for 5 years. Twisting only 7 miles outward of a Port of Charleston area during a initial day, a outing was a flattering true shot toward Columbia, where a few wily maneuvers were capped off as a generator pulled alongside a V.C. Summer trickery in a early morning hours of day three.

The V.C. Summer enlargement project, headed adult by SCEG and Santee Cooper, is one of only 3 active chief projects in a U.S.


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