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Warrant out for Josh Gordon in paternity case

5:46 PM ET

BEREA, Ohio — The Cleveland Browns are wakeful of an detain aver released for far-reaching receiver Josh Gordon in a paternity case, a group pronounced in a matter Wednesday.

The Browns pronounced Gordon and his profession are “working with a Cuyahoga County Courts to solve this matter.”

The aver was released Aug. 31 after Gordon unsuccessful to respond to several subpoenas over a march of a year perfectionist he take a DNA test.

Gordon’s attorneys, in a statement, pronounced Gordon was unknowingly until Wednesday that he had been requested to be during Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court, and that he done himself accessible immediately once he became aware.

According to a attorneys, he attended justice Wednesday, a conference was hold and a “matter was continued until Nov should a serve conference be needed.”

The NFL did not immediately respond for comment. After a one-year suspension, Gordon was backed conditionally on Jul 25 by commissioner Roger Goodell, yet he was also dangling for a initial 4 games of a season.

An NFL orator pronounced Wednesday that a aver would not have any outcome on Gordon’s redeeming reinstatement. Gordon was in a group trickery on Wednesday, though since he is suspended, he is not available to speak to a media.

In Jul 2015, Christina Lockhart from Maple Heights, Ohio, filed a paternity fit saying Gordon was a father of her daughter, who is now 1 year old. The sequence sought child support.

Gordon was systematic to yield a DNA sample; he had until Sept. 25, 2015, to do so. The censure settled that nobody other than Gordon was reputed to be a father. It also settled a lady is on gratification and needs child support from Gordon.

Subpoenas were sent to Gordon in Los Angeles and to several opposite addresses in Cleveland, though he never responded.

Gordon was due to seem during a conference on Aug. 31, though he was not present, that led to a warrant.

The NFL dangling Gordon for a whole 2015 deteriorate for violations of a league’s piece abuse policies. He also was dangling 10 games in 2014, and dual games in 2013.

The group had pronounced that Gordon’s lapse to a group was going well.

“He still is doing well, in my opinion,” Browns manager Hue Jackson pronounced Wednesday. “I can’t tell we about all that goes on outward of this building — though we know in this building, in a meetings with me, with a coaches, with a players, he has been outstanding. That’s what we have to decider on.

“Now we’ll find out about this other partial and know a small bit some-more about it as we pierce forward. we have zero though good things to contend about Josh.”

Jackson pronounced he did not have many sum about a detain warrant, so for now, “All we can do is support and let’s make certain we do a right thing, whatever that is regarding to a situation. Hopefully this will be wrapped adult earlier rather than later.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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