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VIDEO: Ford Tech Stops Your Car From Speeding

Ford S-MAX

Speed cameras and delicately dark military cars are a scandal of many drivers’ existence, though new record from Ford could assistance we stay within a speed extent and equivocate those pricey fines.

The automobile maker’s U.K. arm recently teased what it calls Intelligent Speed Limiter technology, that aims to forestall drivers from accidently pushing over a speed limit.

Many speeding tickets are a outcome of unintended speeding, according to Ford. With Intelligent Speed Limiter, a camera mounted onto a car’s windscreen will review speed extent signs on a road, and a automobile will use a engine’s torque to delayed we down.

“Drivers are not always unwavering of speeding and infrequently usually apropos wakeful they were going too quick when they accept a excellent in a mail or are pulled over by law enforcement,” Stefan Kappes, active reserve administrator during Ford of Europe, pronounced in a statement. “Intelligent Speed Limiter can mislay one of a stresses of driving, assisting safeguard business sojourn within a authorised speed limit.”

Don’t worry, a record won’t assume finish control of your speed. Drivers activate Intelligent Speed Limiter themselves around a journey control-like symbol that sets limit speed. If we expostulate into an area with a reduce speed, Intelligent Speed Limiter will delayed down a automobile by adjusting a volume of fuel delivered rather than slamming on a brakes. But a video from Ford (complete with a rather apocalyptic soundtrack) pronounced that a organisation press of a acceleration pedal will overrule Intelligent Speed Limiter. What it doesn’t contend is either that organisation press of a pedal will send we flying.

The record will arrive with a all-new Ford S-MAX in a U.K.

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