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Valentina Shevchenko’s dissapoint of Holly Holm headlines UFC on FOX 20

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The UFC returned to Chicago for a second annual philharmonic in a Windy City during a United Center. Unfortunately, a local CM Punk did not make his debut, something that would have drummed adult even some-more fad for this event, though it was still headlined by a hitch with a star in Holly Holm.

After a rather paltry turn of fights in a “Preliminary Card” on FOX, a “Main Card” on FOX lifted a bar. Chicago local Felice Herrig came behind from a layoff of over a year to get a first-round acquiescence win. Heavyweight Francis Ngannou won his third quarrel in a UFC by mauling Bojan Mihajlovic until a arbitrate stepped in to stop a fusillade of produce fists.

But a eventuality kicked into another rigging when Gilbert Melendez finished his possess lapse to a Octagon after a year out of a movement to quarrel Edson Barboza. The dual put on a entirely engaging dual rounds that highlighted gorgeous and infamous leg kicks, courage and determination. Barboza was a surgeon with his leg kicks and wore Melendez down to eventually win a fight. In a second round, Melendez scarcely took out Barboza though couldn’t get a finish. In a third round, it looked like Melendez was station on one leg and means to lane down Barboza to finish a fight.

“Physically, I’m a bit banged up. My leg took a beating. In a third we was unequivocally perplexing to request vigour and that left me open to that leg kick. It finished it tough to vigour him given my leg got chopped in a third,” Melendez said. “But we had a ruin of a good time. It was fun being out there again and opposite such a good guy. we usually couldn’t tighten a stretch as good as we wanted to.

“It’s a tough conditions now,” Melendez continued. “I adore to fight, though apparently I’m distant from a title. I’m fighting for honour currently and we feel like we still get that respect.”

In a categorical eventuality of a evening, Holm finished her lapse after a distressing better to Miesha Tate during UFC 196 to remove a bantamweight title. A win would’ve expected warranted her a shot opposite Amanda Nunes, or put her in line for a pretension shot after Ronda Rousey if she were to lapse and get a subsequent shot during Nunes.

Holm was clearly a star and a fan favorite, entrance out to a rough conflict from a throng that audibly upheld her. Holm came out and dominated Shevchenko from a jump, knocking her down and creation it demeanour like it could potentially be a discerning fight.

But Shevchenko rallied and won any turn on a measure cards afterward, regulating a opposite and holding Holm to a ground. In a third round, Shevchenko outstruck Holm to start a round, got Holm on her behind and reason her there to grub out that round’s win. Holm never seemed to make any adjustments in a after rounds, and in a fifth turn didn’t seem to be looking for a finish, maybe unknowingly of where she stood in a measure card.

“We knew she was a opposite puncher and we were prepared for that. She is tough and we knew that. we knew we had my hands full in this fight. we knew it was a unequivocally large challenge,” Holm said. “What can we do? we know it was a rival quarrel and we could have finished more. I’m unhappy in myself and take zero divided from her. She was a really tough opponent.

“I have no excuses,” Holm added. “My opening was not where it indispensable to be tonight.”

Shevchenko ascended a rankings and put her in a pretension shot, that she called for after a fight.

“Amanda Nunes is a good fighter. She is good striker and has a good belligerent game. we wish to quarrel Amanda Nunes for a belt,” Shevchenko said.

Stars Of The Night

1. Felice Herrig: The strawweight, who entered UFC by a Ultimate Fighter, has been absent given her detriment to Paige Van Zant in Apr 2015. She finished her lapse in front of her home throng after vocalization plainly about issues she was battling with outward of a cage. With friends and family in a crowd, Herrig got a behind exposed throttle in a initial turn to contention Kailin Curran for a victory. The throng was eager with support as she initial went for a throttle before erupting when Curran tapped. During her post-fight talk with Joe Rogan, she was formidable to hear over fans’ applause.

“I have suffered with a lot of stress lately. we had pain-killer during quarrel week to ease me down. Everything was about usually being relaxed,” Herrig said. “I was frightened about how we would be means to quarrel during a best of my abilities feeling this anxious. we will for certain continue fighting. we suspicion if we couldn’t get my nerves underneath control that maybe it wasn’t for me, though currently we won. People contend we have a vigour of fighting in your hometown and we really had a small of that, though during a finish of they day we fed off a Chicago appetite and it was great.”

2. Eddie Wineland: The maestro bantamweight contender warranted a large win over Frankie Saenz in front of a home crowd. He knocked down Saenz in a initial turn and couldn’t capitalize, though in a third turn a right offshoot forsaken Saenz, who to his credit got behind to his feet, though Wineland unleashed a flurry of punches and a arbitrate stopped a fight.

“This feat is awesome. He is a tough striker that wasn’t prepared to go down yet, though we capitalized on that in a third round. The multiplication has always reputable my power, though we have to possibility it and go for a win,” Wineland said. “My wife, small child and family are all in a stands currently and we wish they are proud. we am going to now suffer some most indispensable family time and see what comes next.”

3. Francis Ngannou: The French heavyweight won his third UFC quarrel in 3 attempts in considerable conform by annihilating Mihajlovic with produce fists on a belligerent in a initial round.


1. The UFC possibly mishandled a women’s bantamweight multiplication or rubbed it ideally depending on your indicate of view. It seemed simple, book Holm and Tate for UFC 200 and a pretension hitch rematch and afterwards a leader gets Rousey when (and if) she earnings during a finish of 2016. Holm and Tate have story with Rousey. Instead, a UFC kept a turn relocating giving Nunes a shot during a pretension and Tate during UFC 200, and she finished a quarrel in a initial turn to win a strap. Then a integrate of weeks later, Shevchenko knocks off Holm and earns a shot during a pretension or a place in line right behind Rousey. So a mishandling is a squandered opportunities, and dollars, by not environment adult Rousey’s rematch in a eyes of a marketer. On a other hand, talent outward of Rousey, Tate, and Holm has risen, that has authorised a multiplication to shine.

2. The multiplication is fast improving. Who would’ve suspicion Shevchenko would have some-more success holding down Holm than Rousey or Tate? Who would’ve suspicion Nunes would reap by Tate en track to a title? This multiplication is apropos some-more intriguing any event.

3. Barboza is a legit, engaging warrior to watch and a technician in a ring with a gorgeous style. He has degraded some fixed contenders in a lightweight multiplication like Melendez and Anthony Pettis. If it weren’t for his training partner Eddie Alvarez being champ, he could be bearing into that spotlight. Either way, when Barboza fights it is a must-watch.


One of a craziest sequences of a night came between Godofredo Pepey and Darren Elkins in a featherweight division, when a missed leg flog somehow finished in a acquiescence try on a ground.

Wineland tagged Saenz in a initial turn of their fight, though wasn’t means to gain and get a finish.

Wineland eventually got a finish in a third turn after a outrageous right offshoot that forsaken Saenz. Wineland had to follow with a flurry of shots to finish Saenz off for a TKO win.

Ngannou mauled his competition to get a first-round stoppage.

Holm knocked Shevchenko down, though not out, in a initial round.

Shevchenko with a always engaging spinning behind fist.

Finish Of The Night

Herrig got a outrageous quip win with a behind exposed throttle in a initial round. That is a finish of a night, not usually given it was technical and pleasing to watch, though a definition behind it and that it occurred in front of her hometown was a movie-like finish. The pristine exhilaration from Herrig was echoed by a crowd, including supporters like former strawweight champion Carla Esparza in a front row.

Smack Talk

“I will be a initial UFC womanlike warrior to reason dual belts in dual divisions,” UFC strawweight Joanna Jedrzejczyk told media backstage during UFC on FOX 20. Jedrzejczyk is one of a many campaigning for a UFC to supplement a 125-pound multiplication for women in a UFC and has customarily finished it transparent she’d like a shot during that pretension when it comes to existence.

“I suspicion we did adequate to win a fight. we usually felt it should have went my way. we don’t know what else to say.” — Jim Alers pronounced after losing a preference to Jason Knight in a hard-fought fight.

“I wish to go behind and quarrel in a subsequent Brazilian event. we have fought divided now for my final 3 fights, we feel it’s time to go behind to my fans.” — Michel Prazeres


Ngannou has 3 finishes in 3 fights in a UFC. It’d be engaging to see him get a ranked competition now and see him opposite a best. Could we design him fighting Derrick Lewis? Talk about fireworks.

Barboza combined another large win to his resume by defeating Melendez. He called out everybody though Alvarez, his teammate and a stream lightweight champion. Barboza listed Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson and Rafael Dos Anjos as intensity opponents and any of those fights would positively entertain. But since not keep a Scrap Pack angle going and quarrel Nate Diaz? It’d underline harmful leg kicks opposite a warrior who always pushes brazen and taunts his opponent. Barboza competence have intentionally left Diaz’s name out given Alvarez already pronounced he’d like a leader of Diaz’s hitch opposite Conor McGregor during UFC 202.

Holm mislaid her second true and now a rematch with Tate doesn’t make clarity after Tate mislaid to Nunes during UFC 200. The quarrel to make with Holm is Cat Zingano, who is on her possess losing streak. One of these dual women would be guaranteed to get behind to her winning ways, while a other’s career would be spiraling out of control.

Shevchenko needs another large bout. She called for a pretension fight, though it expected won’t happen. If Rousey comes back, she gets Nunes. If Rousey isn’t utterly ready, that means Julianna Pena expected gets a shot. If Rousey comes back, Shevchenko and Pena would be intriguing. If Rousey doesn’t come behind and Pena gets a pretension shot, maybe Shevchenko fights Tate next.

What’s Next

The subsequent eventuality is UFC 201, that takes place Saturday, Jul 30, during a Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The categorical eventuality of this label is a welterweight pretension quarrel hitch between champion Robbie Lawler and challenger Tyrone Woodley. In a co-main event, strawweights Rose Namajunas and Karolina Kowalkiewicz block off in what could be a de facto No. 1 contender bout.

This eventuality is damaged into 3 parts. The initial rough label front exclusively on UFC Fight Pass. The center apportionment of a eventuality will atmosphere on Fox Sports 1. The categorical label and eventuality will finish on pay-per-view.


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