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Used iPhone 6 could be a discount you’re looking for

As wireless operators desert device subsidies, some-more consumers are realizing a loyal cost of upgrading to a new phone. And it ain’t cheap.

Refurbished and used inclination can be a good approach to get a phone we wish during a cost that won’t mangle a bank. This is generally loyal of Apple’s iPhone. But when is a best time to get a good deal? It could be right now.

Dear Maggie,

My wireless agreement is adult and I’m being forced into a no-contract plan. we have an aged iPhone 5S and am looking to ascent to a new iPhone. But this time I’ll have to compensate full cost for a upgrade. Boo! we unequivocally don’t wish to buy a low cost Android phone, though we also don’t wish to spend $650 or some-more for a new iPhone. What should we do?


Desperately seeking a good deal

Dear Desperately,

The best approach to get a many crash for your sire in a Apple family is to buy a used iPhone 6.

iPhone 6

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The iPhone 6 debuted in Sep 2014, a year before a latest version, a iPhone 6S. If we were to buy a device code new, it would cost we $550 for a bottom model, $100 reduction than a cost of a 6S. But we can get an even bigger bonus if we buy final year’s indication used. Considering that a pattern is roughly matching to a latest version, you’ll be removing a good ascent from your iPhone 5S but profitable a large cost tab of a code new iPhone 6S.

It also happens that right now is a quite good time to buy a used iPhone 6. Prices on this indication of iPhone fell following a launch of a iPhone 6S in September. But they suddenly flattened for a integrate of months, according to a trade-in website Nextworth.

“The iPhone 6 hold a value a bit longer from Sep to Nov than we expected,” pronounced Diana Stuparu, executive of offered and e-commerce during Nextworth.

Prices began dropping in Dec as business upgraded to a iPhone 6S during a holidays, she added. Prices have continued to plunge in January, and Stuparu thinks a trend could continue with rumors that Apple will deliver a new iPhone in March.

This latest chronicle of a iPhone, that is approaching to have a 4-inch shade identical to a comparison iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, is approaching to shake adult a predicted ascent cycle for Apple iPhones. For several years, Apple has introduced a new iPhone annually in a fall. The introduction of a new 4-inch iPhone 6 months after a iPhone 6S’s entrance would be a large departure. While it’s approaching that prices for previous-generation inclination decrease over time, Stuparu predicts that values on comparison iPhones, generally a iPhone 6, could decrease some-more fast as a launch of a new device nears.


This draft shows a normal eBay offered cost decrease for iPhone 5, 5s and 6 over a past 6 months. Selling prices for iPhone 6 stayed prosaic until Nov when a decrease started. Selling prices for a iPhone 6 are a lowest they have been in a past 6 months.

At a same time, Nextworth and other device trade-in sites are also profitable consumers tip dollar for used iPhone 6 inclination and a newer iPhone 6S. These sites have traditionally sole traded-in inclination overseas, and they still do. But now they’re also offered some of these phones domestically. And direct is high both internationally and domestically for a comparison iPhone 6 and a used iPhone 6S.

“We sole out of a register of a iPhone 6 around a holidays,” Stuparu said. “So we need to feed a stock. We’re also saying aloft than common direct for a iPhone 6 right now.”

The bottom line:

If we wish to save a few bucks on your subsequent iPhone upgrade, cruise shopping used. With a probability of a new chronicle of a iPhone entrance in March, a iPhone 6 offers a good value on hardware that isn’t too dated.

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