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UPDATED: Ott resigns as Red Wing football coach

“In a minute antiquated Oct 6, 2016, Mr. Ott rigourously quiescent from his conduct football coaching duties as of Oct 4, 2016,” Red Wing activities executive John Miller pronounced around email on Friday. “The abdication will be acted on by a propagandize house during an arriving unchanging meeting.”

At a Oct. 3 School Board meeting, Ott was indicted of domestic nuisance and astray diagnosis by a organisation of relatives and players.


In his abdication letter, Ott stepped down as both conduct football manager and as a special preparation clergyman from Red Wing Public School.

“I can't be employed by a district that allows relatives to foreordain where their child should be personification on a football field, nor can we agree to a primogenitor to concede their child to continue to play football after their son has undermined a football group and staff by unwell during a concurrent try to classify a travel out,” Ott wrote.

“Members of a group have a shortcoming to act on and off a margin in a approach to minister to a team’s bid to be as successful as it can. As a coach, that is my shortcoming to defend that requirement with support from administration. we do not have that support. we have always had a process of not deliberating personification time with parents, nonetheless we have been bearing into dual such meetings by administration where personification time was authorised to be discussed.

“It is needed that a conduct manager has a ultimate contend when it comes to personification time, that is because personification time is addressed in a football discipline that a relatives pointer agree to, before their son is authorised to participate. Having been forced by administration to have these personification time meetings has been quite deleterious to a football team.

“Finally, during no time has anyone in a football module in any way, figure or form tormented anybody about anything. These accusations have been done rigourously by John Howe in front of a propagandize house on (Oct. 3). Nothing could be offer from a truth. we am truly astounded that a primogenitor was authorised to pronounce during a new propagandize house meting, as it was in approach defilement of symbol 3 of a propagandize district’s open criticism guidelines. Because of this, we am also selecting to renounce as a clergyman with a district. we can't be partial of a district that fails to follow a possess guidelines.”

Assistant coaches Kyle Blahnik and Clair Austin will separate duties on offense and defense, respectively, as offer as co-head coaches, commencement with Friday’s diversion during Mankato West.

While Blahnik and Austin manager a residue of a season, Miller is operative on avoiding offer issues.

“From a administration, we are looking into policies and procession that are currently in place and areas where we need to make improvements to emanate an sourroundings where a coaches are upheld by administration, families and a community,” Miller wrote. “This is not only for football, for for all activities here during Red Wing Public Schools.

“As a new activities executive for Red Wing Public Schools, we trust that building certain relations with students, families and village members is an essential part to building a clever program. We will continue to work with all stakeholders to make certain this is during a forefront of a thinking.”


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