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“#ShukriyaPakistan for educating me,” she writes on Twitter.

It’s a singular steer when tourists rivet with fans and supporters to change perceptions, they customarily let their photos and captions do a talking. But former Goodwill Ambassador to Pakistan, Cynthia D. Ritchie isn’t one of them.

Hey from Cynthia!- Photo courtesy: Cynthia Ritchie's Instagram

She didn’t only settle for design uploads to request her travels, she addressed questions and altered perceptions – all by Twitter.

Having trafficked opposite Pakistan – KPK, Skardu, Sindh and Lahore, to name a few – Cynthia took to Twitter to share her photos and rivet in a QA with scientific souls.

People asked if she gifted a change of notice post her travels, to that she couldn’t stop purgation about Pakistan and a people.

Cynthia during a military training trickery in KPK

It all started when she was invited to revisit a republic behind in 2010. She finally motionless to give Pakistan a go.

And boy, was she left spellbound.

Cynthia trafficked everywhere, from Kashmir (left) to Rawat Fort in Punjab (right)

From people who live in Pakistan and have never trafficked a republic (us included!) to people with confidence concerns, she happily took everyone’s questions.

Others invited her again to see places she missed a initial time around.

Perhaps a best thing about her tweets was that her cinema uploads were all followed by hashtag #ShukriyaPakistan.

Funnily enough, she was immediately invited opposite a border.

Here’s her dual cents for tourists who wish to revisit Pakistan:

She now skeleton to request her travels in Pakistan for a good means by producing a docu-series about a nation, and capturing “the loyal suggestion of Pakistan,” to teach people on a tellurian height about a beauty, liberality and affability of Pakistan.


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