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UN Security Council to Meet on Yemen Sunday

The United Nations Security Council will accommodate on Sunday on a conditions in Yemen after Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi called for an “urgent intervention” by a 15-member body.

Hadi on Saturday indicted a Iranian-allied Houthi company that controls a collateral Sanaa of entertainment a manoeuvre opposite him, and pronounced he would “raise Yemen’s flag” in a Houthis’ northern stronghold.

In a minute to a Security Council, seen by Reuters, Hadi called for an “urgent involvement in all accessible means to stop this charge that is directed during undermining a legitimate authority, a fragmentation of Yemen and a assent and stability.”

Yemen has been hurtling towards polite fight given final year when a Houthis seized Sanaa and modernized into Sunni areas, heading to clashes with internal tribes and energizing a southern separatist movement. Hadi called for a Security Council fortitude to “deter a Houthi militias and their allies, to stop their charge opposite all governorates, generally a city of Aden, and to support a legitimate authority.”

U.N. go-between Jamal Benomar is expected to brief a legislature on Sunday around video couple and a ambassadors of Yemen and Qatar, as chair of a Gulf Cooperation Council that comprises Gulf Arab states, will also speak, diplomats said.

The Security Council is negotiating a matter on Yemen that could be adopted during a meeting, diplomats said. “I titillate a legislature to arise adult to a responsibilities to strengthen a confidence and support a legitimacy in Yemen,” Hadi wrote.


— Reuters

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