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UN highlights food reserve on World Health Day

UNITED NATIONS, Apr 7 (Xinhua) — Marking a World Health Day, UN officials highlighted hurdles of food reserve worldwide, job for corner efforts from multi-sectors to make food protected from prolongation to food supply chain. “On World Health Day, let us all ask: how protected is a food?” pronounced UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his summary on a day, observant that vulnerable food is a mostly under-reported and mostly over- looked tellurian problem.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), vulnerable food can means some-more than 200 diseases – trimming from diarrhea to cancers, and duration poses vital mercantile risks opposite farmers and a food industry.

“Changes to a approach food is produced, distributed and consumed, a presentation of resistant bacteria, and increases in transport and trade make it formidable to conduct pathogens and contaminants once they are in a food supply,” Ban explained.

He also remarkable that with a food supply sequence stretching around a world, a need to strengthen food reserve systems within and among countries is apropos some-more critical.

Echoing this point, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan pronounced food is some-more expected to be infested with harmful, bacteria, viruses, parasites, or chemicals since of industrialized food prolongation and globalized trade and distribution.

What’s more, “a internal food reserve problem can fast turn an general emergency,” she added.

In this regard, Jacob Kumaresan, executive executive of WHO Office in New York, told reporters in a news lecture here that WHO is job for a tolerable response to a core problems of food safety, especially to residence opposite a food sequence — from primary writer to food processor and finally to consumer.

This requires governments to confederate food reserve in a broader food process to have extensive food reserve strategies that are matched by legislation, pronounced Kumaresan.

He also forked out there is a need to encourage a multi-sector of partnership among a sectors of health, agriculture, trade, sourroundings as good as tourism to pledge that food is constructed and delivered in a protected manner.

World Health Day is distinguished on Apr 7 each year to symbol a anniversary of a first of a World Health Organization ( WHO) in 1948. This year, a WHO highlighted a hurdles associated to food reserve underneath a aphorism “From plantation to plate, make food safe,” perplexing to lift a recognition on this emanate around a world.


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