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UN Envoy warns: Yemen is being pushed ‘to a corner of polite war’

The U.N. special attach� for Yemen warned an puncture assembly of a U.N. Security Council on Sunday that events seem to be heading a nation “to a corner of polite war” and urged all parties to step behind from a margin and solve a dispute peacefully.

Jamal Benomar stressed regularly in a video lecture from Qatar that “peaceful discourse is a usually choice we have.”

That perspective was echoed by a Security Council in a presidential matter that validated a willingness of a U.N.’s many absolute physique to take “further measures” opposite any celebration stopping a highway to assent in Yemen. That could meant new sanctions, or presumably other actions.

Benomar pronounced “it would be an illusion” to consider that Houthi Shiite rebels — who control a collateral Sanaa, many of a north, and are relocating serve south corroborated by some members of Yemen’s armed army — could attain in holding control of a whole country. On Sunday, a Houthis seized Taiz, Yemen’s third-largest city.

“It would be equally false,” Benomar said, to consider that embattled President Abed-Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who fled progressing this month to a southern city of Aden — a country’s mercantile heart — could arrange sufficient army “to acquit a nation from a Houthis.”

He warned that any celebration that pushes a nation in possibly instruction “would be mouth-watering a long dispute in a capillary of an Iraq, Syria, Libya total scenario.”

Yemen’s misunderstanding and domestic predicament has deepened given a Houthis seized Sanaa in Sep and put Hadi underneath residence detain and eventually dissolved a country’s parliament. The country’s al-Qaida branch, deliberate by a United States a apprehension network’s many dangerous offshoot, has stepped adult attacks opposite a Shiite rebels.

The Houthis newly announced pierce to take over a whole nation follows a self-murder bombings of a span of mosques in Sanaa that killed 137 people that were claimed by a Islamic State group. It also followed clashes around Aden’s airfield and planes from Sanaa dropping bombs on a city’s presidential house that Benomar pronounced opportunely did not harm Hadi, who is strongly upheld by a Security Council.

“Following a self-murder bombings and fighting,” Benomar warned, “emotions are using intensely high, and unless a fortitude can be found in a entrance days a nation will slip into serve aroused dispute and fragmentation.”

He pronounced Yemenis trust a conditions is “on a fast downward spiral,” and are endangered that a dispute “has taken on worrying narrow-minded tones and deepening north-south divisions.”

“Fears exist that Al Qaeda in a Arabian Peninsula will feat a stream instability to means serve chaos,” he said.

The deteriorating conditions led U.S. infantry to leave a southern atmosphere bottom essential to a worker module targeting Al Qaeda militants.

Benomar pronounced “extremists on many sides” are actively perplexing to criticise U.N.-brokered negotiations that he is heading directed during putting Yemen behind on lane to finish a transition to democracy so it can finish work on a constitution, reason a referendum on it, and control elections.

He stressed that a domestic corner can usually be unblocked by negotiations that embody both a Houthis and Hadi.

“I titillate all sides during this time of rising tensions and tongue to de-escalate and practice limit restraint, and refrain from provocation,” Benomar said.


In a presidential matter authorized by all 15 members, a Security Council echoed Benomar’s call for all parties to stop fighting, rivet in a U.N.-brokered negotiations and finish a pacific transition.

In a matter expelled by a United States U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, “the Security Council spoke with one voice, reaffirming a support for President Hadi as Yemen’s legitimate president, deploring a Houthis’ disaster to repel their army from supervision institutions.”

Despite talks, a U.N. Security Council has not nonetheless drafted a resolution.

The Associated Press and stating from Fox News’ Jonathan Wachtel contributed to this report



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