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UFC champion Tyron Woodley explains because he deserves to collect his subsequent opponent

Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has his eyes set on a matchup with former 170-pound aristocrat Georges St-Pierre, and he doesn’t caring what a detractors have to contend about it.

Woodley finished then-champion Robbie Lawler in harmful conform final Saturday night to spin a third welterweight titleholder given GSP left a competition in 2013.

Consensus around a MMA village was that Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson would get a subsequent impulse during a belt, regardless of who came out winning during UFC 201. But when Woodley instead incited his courtesy to welterweight greats Nick Diaz and St-Pierre, he and podcast co-host Din Thomas pronounced they were flooded on amicable media with reasons since Thompson deserved a shot.

Woodley, however, says he’s only following a fashion a UFC — itself set when other honourable fighters were upheld over for pretension shots.

“Think about Johny Hendricks. First time Johny Hendricks got his shot, he kick [John] Koscheck, he knocked out [Martin] Kampmann, he knocked out [Jon] Fitch, he kick Carlos Condit,” Woodley pronounced on his podcast, The Morning Wood. “He got skipped over by who? Nick Diaz since he was a bigger draw. Think about Frankie Edgar. Completely wiped out a division. Did he get an evident shot opposite Conor? Or was Conor means to burst weight classes? And afterwards when that falls through, he gets to go and quarrel Nate Diaz. Loses a fight, is still a champion and rematches a guy.

“This is not a competition anymore, folks, and I’m not entitled to give any super smiley [expletive] a shot since we won, and they’ve been examination some Conor McGregor videos and consider they can speak me into a fight.”

The UFC has strayed a bit over a final year and a half from a comparatively lax rankings-based pretension shot regulation to some-more of a fan-friendly process that appears to also be some-more financially profitable to a promotion.

As Woodley mentioned, McGregor was means to burst adult and over a lightweight No. 1 contender to plea for a lightweight tag notwithstanding not fortifying a featherweight title. And some-more recently, it appears Dan Henderson will be postulated a pretension shot over honourable No. 1 middleweight contender Jacare Souza opposite Michael Bisping.

Woodley feels that as champion, he should be postulated those same privileges — even yet adult until a time he indeed sealed a agreement to quarrel Lawler, he felt like a final choice in a pick-up basketball game.

“Here’s a thing, people need to realize, my career — generally this latter apportionment of it — if Conor beats Nate, he competence quarrel Robbie next. We competence let Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ quarrel Robbie. If freakin’ Spiderman comes off a roof and swings by web, he competence quarrel Robbie. It was a conditions where fundamentally we was a final choice, we was a final pick, and it was all commanded on another particular — another man’s feat or better — if we was going to get a pretension shot. If this chairman was injured, if Georges St-Pierre came out of retirement.

“It was never, ‘Hey, Tyron, you’re a No. 1 choice being that you’re an OG, we been in a diversion a prolonged time, you’ve been professional, we done weight, we returned income behind to guys when they missed weight and have been penalized by a commission. You always showed up. …’ It wasn’t that. So now it’s my turn. You quarrel me if we wish to quarrel you. And if we don’t, we need to be still — I’m a champ, not you.”

So where does that leave Thompson, a division’s No. 1 contender and leader of 7 straight, including 4 by knockout? Well, on a outward looking in … for a moment.

“I’m not perplexing to lessen [his wins], though if people are going to try to take a shot during me, [Thompson] didn’t kick these guys in their prime,” Woodley said. “You didn’t kick these guys when they were a opponents we were competing against. So yeah, we did go on a run, we did kick some good guys — Robert Whittaker, Johny and Rory — kudos, man. You are a No. 1 contender. But in a party aspect, a No. 1 contender doesn’t always get a shot.”


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