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Twitter Launches Night Mode on Official Android App

Twitter’s app, during slightest on Android, hasn’t always been a best. Nor has it been everyone’s initial choice for regulating Twitter on their Android smartphone or tablet. However, in a past integrate of years, Twitter has been creation their app much, most better. Adding in all sorts of new features, recently rolling out their element pattern makeover, and currently they are rolling out their Night Mode feature. So those of we that were wanting to get absolved of that splendid white interface, that is really not adored when regulating Twitter during night or in a dark.

As distant as doing goes here, Twitter kept it simple. In a slide-out drawer, you’ll see a toggle nearby a bottom, for Night Mode. Just flip that toggle and you’ll be in Night Mode, even when it’s not dim out. Making it super easy, even for those that might not know that Twitter has a night mode. Now a Night Mode isn’t indeed black, it’s some-more of a dim blue color. It’s still darker than a white UI that Twitter uses by default, though a black Night Mode would have been preferred, generally for those with an AMOLED display. As it will save them even some-more battery life.

The best partial about this is that there’s no refurbish needed. Simply open adult your Twitter app and you’ll have a feature. Although, we might need to transparent Twitter from your recently non-stop apps. Once you’ve finished that and let it bucket behind up, we should see a toggle in a slide-out menu. It appears to be accessible for everyone, that is on a latest chronicle of a Twitter app. So there’s no slow, staged rollouts here. Exactly how new facilities should be rolled out.

Lately, Twitter has been carrying difficulty removing users to use their service, and removing their stream users to use it a bit more. Night Mode has been a rarely requested underline for Twitter users, so this might assistance get users into regulating a use more. But of course, it’s not going to solve all of their problems, in that regard. There’s no word on when or if this Night Mode underline will make the approach to Android, however.


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