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Trent Baalke won’t have a pursuit if a Kelly-Kaepernick matrimony fails

INDIANAPOLIS — There will be no some-more excuses for San Francisco’s threesome of conduct manager Chip Kelly, ubiquitous manager Trent Baalke and quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Baalke dispelled questions about Kaepernick’s evident destiny Wednesday during a news discussion during a NFL Scouting Combine. Baalke pronounced Kaepernick will sojourn on a register after Apr 1, that means a 49ers will pledge his $11.9 million bottom income for a 2016 season.

While a 49ers could still trade Kaepernick elsewhere, Baalke strongly indicated that wasn’t in a plans. Baalke envisions a foe between Kaeprnick and Blaine Gabbert for a starting mark entering Kelly’s initial deteriorate as 49ers conduct coach.

Distractions now aside, this means Kaepernick, Kelly and Baalke can both start removing to work in perplexing to deliver their particular NFL careers and reputations — together.

It isn’t going to work any other way.

Kelly has desperately indispensable a quarterback with Kaepernick’s ability set to run a form of read-option packages that helped lead him to success during a University of Oregon. The usually run-pass hazard Kelly deployed a past 3 seasons during his luckless army in Philadelphia was a 33-year-old Michael Vick, who wasn’t scarcely as brisk as a younger Kaepernick is now.

Kelly afterwards compounded a problem in 2015 by carrying a slot passer (Sam Bradford) try to run a hybrid intrigue that inebriated with defenses not carrying to worry about a quarterback branch up-field. It now falls on Baalke to make certain Kelly doesn’t make a same lousy crew decisions that led to a Eagles vanishing from a double-digit win deteriorate to mediocrity.

In turn, Kaepernick has indispensable a complement that can intensify his athleticism and censor his stipulations in reading defenses like ex-49ers conduct manager Jim Harbaugh and descent coordinator were means to accomplish during a 2012 and 2013 seasons.

“If we demeanour during a quarterbacks that (Kelly) has had, he hasn’t had a garland of guys that can run,” Baalke said. “He’s been means to put together some flattering good offenses with guys that aren’t means to run. You get an additional advantage of carrying a quarterback that can run. we consider if we speak to any coordinator, they’re going to take that as a positive.”

Kelly, Kaepernick and Baalke all desperately need some certain formula in 2016.

Baalke contingency infer he can build another leader after a Jim Tomsula failure and light destruction of a register from a Halcyon days of Harbaugh’s initial 3 seasons with a 49ers. This will be Kelly’s final NFL conduct coaching event if he doesn’t learn from a innumerable of mistakes he done with a Eagles. And Kaepernick is fighting to infer that he is a authorization quarterback Baalke and a 49ers suspicion he was when re-signing him to a long-term agreement prolongation before to a 2014 season.

This unfolding is one of a reasons Baalke is so concerned for a 49ers to start their offseason training module in early April.

“Chip is vehement to work with (Kaepernick) only as he’s vehement to work with all of these guys,” Baalke said. “I don’t consider there’s anybody on a group that has come over from Philly, so he has no operative believe of any of these guys. He’s only as vehement as anybody to get out there and get going.”

If a 49ers don’t get going, it won’t take prolonged for Kelly, Kaepernick and Balke to be left themselves.


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