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Travels but Charlize: More from Uruguay

We detected veterinary medicine in Uruguay is alive and well. The college of veterinary medicine was started in a second decade of a 20th century and is partial of a Universidad de la Republica, a National University. It is a customarily veterinary propagandize in a country. We found it while on one of a extended area walks, an easy 20-minute walk from a hotel

Here is a print of my bearded self with a pointer for a veterinary school:

After assembly and articulate to both students and faculty, we detected all preparation in Uruguay is free. Primary propagandize for 6 years, delegate propagandize for another six, afterwards a choice between a accumulation of trade schools or university. we neglected to find out if that choice is dynamic by an examination, as it is in Europe, or is usually a choice by a student. Entrance to veterinary propagandize is directly from delegate propagandize and it is open enrollment. Anyone who graduates from delegate school, on a educational track, is certified if they apply. Currently anywhere from 3 to 6 hundred students enter a module any year. The twin expertise members we talked to both pronounced they never know until a initial day of propagandize how many students will be present. The second year they remove utterly a few students by unwell exams or giving up, though still have a complicated bucket for faculty. Each year a series of students who conduct to stay in a module decreases and after 5 years and one some-more year of “thesis” work they customarily connoisseur about a hundred students with a twin grade in veterinary medicine and animal husbandry. The “thesis” work involves doing a project, infrequently what we would call research, and essay a paper about what they accomplished.

The good news is there is full practice for a connoisseur veterinarians. During a extended walking tours in Montevideo, customarily 4 or some-more hours any day, we occasionally go some-more than 8 to 10 blocks though encountering a veterinary clinic, roughly always compared with a pet store and boarding facility. We have not seen a pet dog here that was not good cared for. Even a travel dogs and cats seem to be in pretty good shape. Many of a veterinary students find work in a rural industry. Family farms and ranches that they go home to manage, vast agribusiness companies that occupy them as managers, and copiousness of little and vast dairy farms –both cattle and goats — yield practice in further to a pet practices, “mascots” they call them.

Dr. Rodolfo Ungerfeld is a Head of a Department of Physiology. A really kind and accessible Reproductive Physiologist who does some engaging work.

Here we am with Professor Ungerfeld on my right and one of his connoisseur students on my left:


One of his many devise involves facsimile problems in Pampas Deer, a class that used to series in a hundreds of thousands in Uruguay and is now down to customarily a few thousand. A flock of several hundred are kept in La Reserva de Flora y Fauna del Cerro Pan de Azucar, a zoo/reserve nearby Sugarloaf Mountain. Pan de Azucar is a third tallest towering in Uruguay, about 500 or 600 feet above sea level). The place is customarily a integrate of hours from Montevideo by car, so we rented one and took a highway trip.

Here is one of a little though pretentious Pampas Deer:


We also walked partial approach adult a towering and got an overview of a reserve.


The other expertise member we had a prolific afternoon with is Professor Alejandro Benech. He is in assign of a little animal hospital though taught cardiovascular and respiratory physiology for many years and does some engaging investigate on ischemia/reperfusion damage of a heart regulating a sheep model. From a information he showed me, he could be looking during some really critical results.

We customarily have 3 some-more days to suffer Montevideo and we devise to make a many of them. My new friends have courteously invited me to lapse and give some lectures to their connoisseur students. We couldn’t do it this outing since subsequent week a whole nation shuts down for “Easter Week.” They call it “Tourist Week” since of a critical authorised subdivision between church and state. we wish we will be means to lapse and give those lectures.

– By Dr. David Gross

Retired veterinarian Dr. David Gross writes about his adventures on a highway — this time though his dog Charlize.


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