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Tom Hanks’ Very Special Gift to a Fan

A photographer knew she would run into Tom Hanks on assignment and motionless to emanate a special present of appreciation for a Oscar-winning actor. What she got in lapse was a precious value she never expected.

Denise Esposito told SFGate that she was going to be in Rome a same time as Hanks and motionless to fill a sketchbook with strange art she had combined in his picture from his movies.

The art got to Hanks, who asked to accommodate Esposito to contend interjection for such an strange gift.

Dreams come true! Thank we @tomhanks for being such a smashing guy! ?? #tomhanks #omg #imcrying

A print posted by Denise Esposito (@deniseespositoart) on Oct 13, 2016 during 6:04am PDT

But it wasn’t only a cuddle and “Thank you” Hanks had designed for Esposito. He sent her a typewriter with a special note that read, “For your poetic book of sketches of — all — those movies, here is a typewriter to do with whatever we need… Make some-more art! And many thanks…”

Hanks even sealed a typewriter. Esposito wrote on Twitter, “How extraordinary life is when your fav actor sends we a #typewriter and a appreciate we letter? I’m speechless..”

She also told SFGate, “Thanks to his cinema and all else associated to him, I’ve schooled a lot, we detected new stories, new music, and many other engaging things, and this creates him some-more than only a really good actor. He’s genuine a source of inspiration, he’s a smashing tellurian being. He’s Tom Hanks. He’s like a object shining!”


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