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This immature male travels for dual hours a day to assistance a male with a mental illness sight for a half marathon

The heartwarming story of a immature male who travels dual hours a day so he can support a male with a mental illness sight for a half marathon has left viral.

Ryan Harris, a 22-year-old medical government trainee from Barry, is training for a Cardiff Half Marathon with Alwyn Humphrys. Alwyn, 49, suffers from schizophrenia.

Ryan pronounced he is usually too happy about a combined broadside as he hopes it will assistance widespread mental health recognition and lift £1,000 for a mental health gift Mind.

“It’s motivating us both along a way,” Ryan said. “I only wish to give him a height to lift awareness.”

‘He’s a normal person’

Ryan’s training programme enclosed a six-week chain or devise and he motionless to work as a carer during Cwm Celyn Nursing Home in Abertillery.

Ryan pronounced he met Alwyn early on in his placement, and was struck by how he reminded him of his grandfather, who suffered from insanity and had recently died.

“He is only a ‘you and me.’ He is a normal person,” Ryan said. “I have my down days, Alwyn has his down days.”

Alwyn Humphrys
Alwyn Humphrys is training for a Cardiff Half Marathon

Ryan invited Alwyn to join him for a half marathon in October, and a span have given conducted their possess “mini-Olympic training.” Ryan pronounced he was desirous since he knew how practice can assistance revoke stress and basin and urge well-being. On a pair’s JustGiving page, he wrote: “Exercise is a many underneath used calmative drug there is.”

Ryan pronounced he chose a gift Mind since it helped him know his late grandfather’s situation.

“My grandfather dual years ago was a normal tellurian being,” he said.

‘He’s desirous me to grow up’

But he pronounced his grandfather’s condition altered overnight and his disastrous preconceptions about mental health led him to avoiding a visit.

“I couldn’t move myself to go and revisit him,” Ryan said. “I was scared.”

Ryan sought out any recommendation he could get and came opposite Mind’s website. He pronounced he was struck by a word “respect” in a mission, as it helped him realize that mental health sufferers did not ask for their illness, and should be treated with honour like everybody else.

He said: “I’ve left from an conceited connoisseur to someone who wants to help.”

Andrew James
Runners take partial in a Lloyds Bank Cardiff Half Marathon 2015

The attribute between Ryan and Alwyn has been a two-way street, with any assisting a other grasp a feeling of purpose.

“He’s desirous me to grow adult in a way,” Ryan said. “I arise adult wanting to assistance Alwyn.”

Alwyn, in environment his possess goals and objectives in a training, has softened tremendously. He couldn’t float a integrate weeks ago and can now float tens of lengths.

Ryan said: “Alwyn’s kind of my statue now.”

Alwyn is creatively from Blaenau Gwent , and his family live nearby a caring home. Ryan pronounced they invited him to accommodate them and to appreciate him for a certain outcome he’s had.

Ryan pronounced he is now looking brazen to channel that finish line with Alwyn in October.

“I can only design that picture already,” Ryan said. “Alwyn being means to palm over a coupon to Mind himself.”

To unite Ryan and Alwyn, see www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Alwynsjourney


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