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The startling story behind 1-year-mission wanderer Scott Kelly’s space patches

  • scott-kelly-yearlong-mission-patch

    NASA wanderer Scott Kelly points to his one year goal patch, one of many representing his yearlong International Space Station expedition. (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

  • scott-kelly-yearlong-mission-patches

    Astronaut Scott Kelly wearing a NASA blue moody fit with rags for his 4 International Space Station expeditions and yearlong mission. (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Scott Kelly’s wanderer name tags were ostensible to be aboard a International Space Station by now.

The dual blue and bullion festooned badges, any ornate with U.S. Navy wanderer wings and Kelly’s name in possibly English or Russian, were creatively among a equipment that NASA had organised to send to a orbiting outpost forward of Kelly beginning his yearlong mission Mar 27. 

In fact, a span of name tags had been packaged aboard a U.S. blurb load freighter that was on a approach to a space hire final October. [Photo: Scott Kelly’s Rocket Debris-Recovered Name Tags]

That is, until seconds into a flight, when a unmanned rocket exploded in a hulk fireball over Virginia.

In a arise of a accident, as investigators searched a waste margin for clues as to what happened, someone found Kelly’s name tags. Seemingly no worse for a wear, a cloth rags were returned to a astronaut.

“And now I’m holding them with me,” Kelly revealed, observant to collectSPACE.com that they had to be something of a propitious charm.

“After all,” he joked, “what are a chances they would be in dual rocket explosions?”

The name tags, talismans or not, are set to fly with Kelly, adding to a record series of mission-related patches he will wear as partial of this expedition.

Together with cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko, Kelly will launch onboard Russia’s Soyuz TMA-16M booster on a four-orbit, six-hour moody to a space hire commencement from a Baikonur Cosmodrome during 3:42 p.m. ET on Friday.

Kelly and Kornienko are a International Space Station’s first yearlong organisation members. Their extended goal will collect medical information to improved know how a tellurian physique reacts to a space environment, assisting NASA and Roscosmos ready for even longer journeys into space, such as promulgation astronauts to an asteroid or to Mars.

Because of their extended stay and a logistics of drifting astronauts and cosmonauts to and from a space station, Kelly and Kornienko will join 4 speed crews while in orbit. They are also members of a TMA-16M crew, and, of course, members of a two-person one year mission.

That means that during their outing around a Sun, Kelly and Kornienko will any see their names stitched onto no reduction than 6 opposite goal rags — all in a march of one mission. But that’s usually a start.

Name tags aside, Kornienko also has 3 rags from his before 176 day stay on a space hire in 2010. Kelly, who likewise spent 180 days in space before this yearlong expedition, flew on 3 before missions, accumulating 5 rags (two space convey emblems, a Soyuz patch and dual speed insignias). [The Most Extreme Human Spaceflight Records]

That brings Kelly’s sum to 11, that turns out to be some-more goal rags than a dual astronauts who are tied for a many missions into space during usually seven.

For collectors, Kelly’s patchwork extends even further. In a lead adult to Kelly’s launch, dual of his 4 space hire speed rags for this yearlong goal had changes done after they had entered production. A organisation member change on Expedition 43 compulsory a name barter and a art for a Expedition 46 patch was altered after concerns were lifted about unconsidered symbolism.

(Kelly’s second convey flight, STS-118 in 2007, also had dual versions of a patch after a organisation member change.)

And, as if all that were not enough, Kelly also has central NASA titular rags to symbol a speed he achieved in flight, “Mach 25,” and when he logged his initial “100 Days in Space.” An button was also combined to designate a investigate he will bear on this goal with his twin hermit Mark, comparing how a dual transport while Scott is in space and Mark is on Earth.

If that seems like a whole lot of space rags to wear, it is. In a months before to his launch this week, Kelly was seen during initial wearing a moody coupler flashy with during slightest 11 patches, including a NASA trademark and U.S. flag. Even he suspicion it was a bit much.

“I am removing a new one with reduction rags on it, since this looks kind of ridiculous,” Kelly told collectSPACE in January. “It creates me feel guilty when we see some of a ascans (astronaut candidates) walking around with no rags with their names on it.”

Kelly should take some condolence though, in a believe that another of his organisation members has even some-more patches. Gennady Padalka, who will usually stay usually 6 months with Kelly and Kornienko in space though who will set a record for accumulative time over a sum march of his 5 flights, has had 13 opposite goal rags unclothed his name, dual some-more than Kelly.

Click by to collectSPACE.com to see wanderer Scott Kelly’s many goal patches.



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