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The Sordid Travels of a Cubs Fan: La Republica Dominicana, Day 2

This is a final installment in a stability saga. If we haven’t seen a other “Sordid Travels” yet. Here’s Part 1, my pointless assembly and successive initial round transport with Koco Loco. In Part 2, we sweet-talked a approach into a Cubs Dominican training facility. Then in Part 3 we trafficked via a Dominican Republic, saying as many stadiums and training comforts as we could fit into a day. This is a final installment… we theory Koco Loco texted me as recently as yesterday. we have a feeling we competence have some-more round furloughed adult a common sleeves.

Thank we again to all BCB readers who donated to a GoFundMe that paid for Koco’s time and a let car. we couldn’t have finished it though you!

Another note: My tough expostulate is toast. So, unfortunately, left are so many amazingly engaging pics and videos of Koco Loco taken with my iPhone. Example: Singing “La Vaca” in his hometown bar in Alta Mira and pushing by a Dominican countryside. we theory you’re customarily going to have to hear about it this year in chairman during a Cubs game. Just find me and ask me. we adore talking.

I woke adult that Saturday Valentines Day morning, if we can call 4 a.m. “morning,” to a sound of 5 roosters crowing. My girlfriend’s mom forked out after that we customarily need one rooster, though Koco Loco’s hometown of Alta Mira, where we stayed in a $10 a night rooming house, had during slightest five. Between a roosters and my fear of scabies and bed bugs, we lay there listening to a Canadian podcast, that customarily bores me to sleep, until a object started to arise and we finally crashed out again. After a brief early morning nap, we was afterwards awakened by Koco Loco’s assertive hit on my door. “Danny! Vamonos!” (“Let’s go!”) We customarily had a integrate some-more stadiums to visit, so we didn’t see what a large precipitate was to shaft out a doorway during 7 a.m. But we was shortly to find out.

I didn’t know what to do bathing-wise with a bucket of pale H2O left for me in a non-functioning “shower,” so we customarily threw on garments and left. Hey! What do we design for 10 bucks?! we snapped a few shots on a approach to a car, shook hands with a patrolman we had bribed a night before to watch a let car, and afterwards followed Koco’s directions adult into a hills. El Campo. The country. (Figuratively speaking, of course.)

Little did we know! we was about to accommodate Familia Loco. If you’ve ever had to revisit with extended family, we know it can be a vapid charge during times. But Koco Loco has it down to a science. we met his aunts, cousins, uncles, goats, chickens, cats and family dogs in a sum of about an hour and he done them any feel as if they were a many critical chairman in a whole universe — for 5 mins each. His family is substantially still articulate about final month when Koco visited with El Blanco (me). Not customarily is Koco a good round debate guide, though he can learn us all a thing or dual about maximizing your time with kin we don’t wish to speak to, by not permitting tiny talk. In a hour we visited, Koco found out that a family member had died, we drank dual clever cups of coffee, and listened towering strain from his family’s band. we also saw a disproportionate lot where Koco was born, finish with avocado and orange trees, and of course, lots of chickens. Alta Mira is a pleasing and fruitful place with really few complicated amenities and a lot of clearly happy people.

At this indicate in a story, we had suspected we were in a out of a approach pueblo of Alta Mira customarily so Koco Loco could revisit his family on a dime of a BCB readers and me, who had saved this sojourn, though it also happens to be a hometown of Bartolo Colon, who has built a pretentious girl round formidable in a town. Bartolo also seems to run a place. Every hardware store, gas station, and automobile rinse was run by one of Mr. Colon’s family members. Alta Mira is awash in Bartolo’s round money. Even a town’s firetruck is emblazoned with his name (photo 8)!

Estadio Bartolo Colon is a round formidable any child would be propitious to play in, rivaling many teenager joining parks I’ve visited. If round is changing a Dominican Republic, Bartolo Colon has been instrumental in during slightest changing Alta Mira. The DR competence have started as a colony, though it will finish adult a Colon.

Estadio Bartolo Colon houses his collection of oppulance cars, countless sealed jerseys from many famous round players, and a round solid in that kids would die to play. He even feeds a players with an onsite outward kitchen where caged chickens wait their final destiny of feeding a inspired immature round player.

After visiting Bartolo Colon’s stadium, it was off to Estadio Cibao de los Aguilas. We had visited the night before, though Koco insisted we fire it in a daytime. We did. (See a photos for more!)

We afterwards gathering a longest stretch to Estadio Julian Javier, named after a ballplayer who played for a Cardinals and Reds from 1960-72. We drank sugarine shaft juice, bought cornbread cakes on a travel from a car, and listened to Koco Loco’s family rope all a approach to a stadium, that is inhabited by Los Gigantes (The Giants). We bribed a approach in with a few bucks and visited a final of a six-stadium tour.

In customarily over 24 hours, we had seen and photographed each veteran track in a Dominican (one of them twice), a Cubs training camp, a girl training complexes donated my Manny Acta, and visited Koco Loco’s family. All while carrying a heck of a time vocalization Spanglish, listening to music, and celebration bottles and bottles of rum. Well, not me, Koco Loco did a drinking. we didn’t, given we had to drive.

Despite a common exhaustion, on a approach behind Koco insisted we debate Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo. I’m not a large Columbus fan, and conjunction is he, yet, it’s a many touristy thing one can do in a Dominican Republic. So we went. I’m still not a Columbus fan. In fact, after saying a jails in that he drowned prisoners by rainfall and a healthy class of a land customarily outward his mansion, we would contend he competence be one of a misfortune people ever. Good thing we was with one of a best people ever to make it all savoury and interesting. Koco Loco.

The expostulate behind to Punta Cana was long. Koco was punch dipsomaniac sleepy and it rained. We white knuckled it by a few hours of a Dominican surge that finally gave approach to a largest double rainbow I’ve ever seen. Koco Loco insisted we play his family band’s strain during ear-splitting levels while he screamed out each strain while we attempted my best to keep adult with a riotous rapid trade patterns. we had some good videos of it all, though alas, we listened dual cats fighting in a alley while modifying photographs, stood up, and a crappy list we was essay on collapsed promulgation my tough expostulate into oblivion. At slightest we had not erased a cinema on my camera, differently a whole outing would have been lost, during slightest as distant as pity it with all of you.

Not certain how to finish this essay solely to say, if you’re ever in Punta Cana, Bavaro specifically, we should go find Koco Loco. Unfortunately, walking adult and down a beach seeking for Koco Loco will get we offers of alcoholic beverages, cocaine, and prostitutes, though eventually we will find him.

Koco Loco and we still keep in hold by What’s App. He recently had an collision when a moped he was roving on collided with another. He went to Santo Domingo to recuperate and seems to be OK. we wasn’t certain if it was a corruption for some-more cash. It substantially was. But we also like him adequate as a chairman to give him a advantage of a doubt. As a self described hustler myself, we severely honour his game. The customarily recommendation we can give we if we go see Koco Loco is conclude a terms of your written agreement and have a good time!


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