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The 6 closest calls of Floyd Mayweather’s unblemished career

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When it comes to proclaiming excellence, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has customarily gotten it right.

Not usually have 47 opponents – 45 individuals, dual of them twice – attempted to improved him and failed, yet a changed really few have stirred any genuine regard from possibly a “Pretty Boy” or “Money” camps.

The required knowledge these days is that a seven-division universe champion – namely Manny Pacquiao – will infer to be his toughest exam come May 2, yet until quarrel night during a MGM Grand finally arrives, we’ll have to remind ourselves of those singular moments he’s gifted tangible veteran duress.

Date: Apr 20, 2002
Opponent: Jose Luis Castillo
Result: UD 12 (116-111, 115-111, 115-111)

A imperishable Mexican who’d hold a 135-pound pretension for dual years and had a nine-pound weight advantage in a ring on quarrel night, Castillo was on a wrong side of a fighting doctrine for 4 rounds before his diligence and strength eventually forced Mayweather to concede domain and quarrel his fight.

Post-fight statistics indicated Castillo threw 58 some-more punches and 46 more, that stirred HBO’s unaccepted judge, Harold Lederman, to advise he’d won 7 of 12 rounds, with one even.

It was a tighten call that’s launched 19 successive blueprints – any insisting that Mayweather can be beaten by a enemy who can simply make him quarrel for 3 mins of each round. The dual group met again 8 months after – Mayweather’s initial career rematch – with a same unanimous preference result, yet many some-more observers, including Lederman, concluded that Mayweather deserved it.

“I consider [the judges] preference him. They didn’t call a right decision,” Castillo pronounced after a initial fight. “He felt my punches. He stood there and attempted to trade with me, yet we was punching too hard.”

Date: Apr 8, 2006
Opponent: Zab Judah
Result: UD 12 (119-109, 117-111, 116-112)

A powerful, discerning and, during that time, 28-year-old southpaw, a 2006 chronicle of Judah is a enemy whose ability set is many mostly compared to a one Pacquiao total to move to a ring subsequent month. It’s no accident, then, that he’s among Mayweather’s stand of ring partners in allege of May 2.

Back then, he was entrance in 3 months after an uninspiring preference detriment to unheralded Carlos Baldomir, yet yet was in possession of a International Boxing Federation welterweight pretension belt that Mayweather desired in his second career entrance during 147 pounds.

Judah worked good early with a right poke and scored what seemed to be a knockdown with a right offshoot in a second as Mayweather lunged in and afterwards reeled backward, touching a board with his right glove. Referee Richard Steele ruled it a slip, though, and a movement incited precisely in Mayweather’s preference from a fifth turn on – eventually origination a quarrel famous reduction for a competitiveness and some-more for a all-out m�lange that ensued after a Judah low blow in a 10th.

“He’s quick. He’s got good hands. He was a improved guy,” Judah pronounced after a fight. “He’s a really good defensive fighter. He kept a parsimonious defense.”

Date: May 5, 2007
Opponent: Oscar De La Hoya
Result: SD 12 (116-112, 115-113, 113-115)

Back when $130 million in income seemed like a large number, a quarrel between a “Golden Boy” and a “Pretty Boy” — billed as “The World Awaits” — was a many remunerative compare of all time. The eventuality stirred a origination of HBO’s 24/7 pre-fight array and a quarrel itself eventually garnered some-more than 2.4 million pay-per-view buys, a array that still stands as a sport’s high watermark.

Once a bell rang, reigning 154-pound champion De La Hoya started clever and scored good with his left poke in a initial few rounds before negligence down nearby a mid indicate as Mayweather began to outwork him with some-more accurate activity. Ringside punch stats pronounced De La Hoya threw 587 punches to Mayweather’s 481, yet Mayweather was a some-more accurate warrior – alighting 207 (43.0 percent) to De La Hoya’s 122 (20.7 percent).

De La Hoya was judged a leader on one scorecard, origination him a usually warrior — still — to have ever won a quarrel opposite Mayweather in a eyes of any central ringside judge.

Freddie Roach, who lerned De La Hoya afterwards and will sight Pacquiao on May 2, told CBSSports.com: “I suspicion Oscar won a initial 6 rounds when we fought him, and he kind of blew it after a while since he usually got too held adult in a fight.”

Date: May 1, 2010
Opponent: Shane Mosley
Result: UD 12 (119-109, 119-109, 118-110)

It doesn’t seem like many now. And if all one does is demeanour during a records, a far-reaching unanimous preference Mayweather scored over Shane Mosley 5 years ago warrants small some-more than a footnote. But if we were examination a fight, we know better.

A flicking left poke was followed by a sepulchral overhand right about a notation into a second round, compelling HBO’s Jim Lampley to say, “That might be a hardest punch that Floyd Mayweather has taken in new years.” Another looping right about 50 seconds after visibly buckled Mayweather’s knees and got him as tighten to a legitimate knockdown as he’s been in this century.

He fast shook off a dizziness, though, and was dire a movement by a finish of a round. In fact, in a perspective of dual of a 3 central judges, a second was a usually turn Mosley won all night.

“I did have him,” Mosley told CBSSports.com. “I knew he was about to go down, yet he is good during holding and removing away. The bell saved him. In turn 3 he done adjustments, and we give him credit for that. He is aristocrat of adjustments.”

Shane Mosley had Mayweather on a ropes in 2010.  (Getty Images)
Shane Mosley had Mayweather on a ropes in 2010. (Getty Images)

Date: May 5, 2012
Opponent: Miguel Cotto
Result: UD 12 (118-110, 117-111, 117-111)

Mayweather’s second try into a 154-pound ranks matched him with another reigning ex-welterweight in Miguel Cotto, and came usually weeks before Mayweather had concluded to obey to Clark County (Nev.) authorities to start an 87-day judgment for domestic assault and harassment.

Cotto frequency stopped relocating brazen over a march of 12 rounds, and drew Mayweather into a distant some-more pitched conflict than he’d been accustomed to – withdrawal his nose bloodied – yet Mayweather was again means to lift divided in a late rounds interjection to transparent advantages in speed and precision.

After a final bell, he referred to Cotto as a “toughest man we ever fought.”

“He came to fight. He didn’t come for survival, he came to fight,” Mayweather pronounced after a fight. “When we come to quarrel and you’re entrance with offense, in a feverishness of conflict those things happen. So we bit down and fought tough like a loyal champion.”

Date: May 3, 2014
Opponent: Marcos Maidana
Result: MD 12 (117-111, 116-112, 114-114)

Thanks to his standing as a 10-to-1 favorite, few people approaching Mayweather to confront some-more than his standard snippet volume of problem in dispatching a thrice-beaten Argentine with a uneven resume above 140 pounds. Marcos Maidana, it seemed, was precisely a arrange of competition to make him demeanour good.

Until, that is, he didn’t.

Instead of being lulled into an descent nap identical to past Mayweather foils, Maidana charged brazen from a opening bell and was never bashful about regulating his fists, his forearms, his elbows or his conduct to shillelagh his 37-year-old foe. He threw some-more than twice as many punches — 858 to 426 — and a 221 shots he connected with sojourn a many ever landed by a Mayweather opponent.

It isn’t a arrange of speed and athleticism that Pacquiao will move to a list in May, yet a Maidana arrangement did remonstrate Roach that Mayweather doesn’t have scarcely a legs he’ll need to contend with a Filipino. And as for Maidana himself, he left a ring that open night suggesting a rematch that eventually came 4 months after was required since he was a legitimate champion.

“He did browbeat some rounds, yet a infancy of them, we dominated,” Maidana said. “I’m not frightened of him, since not give him a rematch. we have to give him a rematch since we won a fight.”


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