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The post-Chase Utley era: The new MLB manners for slides into second base

Four months after a Dodgers’ Chase Utley triggered a inhabitant discuss on takeout slides during second base, Major League Baseball has categorically outlawed a kind of slip that Utley used.

Under new manners announced Thursday, runners perplexing to mangle adult a double play contingency make “a bona fide try to strech and sojourn on a base.” Contact with a infielder is permitted, though runners can't change instruction once they start their slip or use a “roll block” that Utley used on New York Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada in a National League multiplication series.

Chase Utley's slide

Chase Utley’s slide

Chase Utley’s slide

Chase Utley’s slide

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Tejada suffered a damaged leg, finale his season. Utley perceived a two-game suspension; his interest is approaching to be listened subsequent month.

Utley, during open training with a Dodgers, pronounced “Obviously – we haven’t had a possibility to see accurately what was put in place. But we would suppose a order is substantially a small bit some-more transparent and specific on what is authorised and what is not allowed. So we consider that will really assistance keep guys healthy for sure.”

The manners privately dissuade runners from kicking their legs above a fielder’s knee or throwing an arm or top physique during a fielder. However, there is no chastisement if a fielder stands in — or moves into — a trail of a shifting runner.

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If a curtain violates a new rules, a double play is automatically called. The play is theme to replay review.

The joining also announced dual changes designed to speed adult a game, tying pile visits by managers and pitching coaches to 30 seconds and slicing 20 seconds from a time between innings. The latter change would save only over 5 mins during a nine-inning game. 


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