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The Microsoft Band is dead

Microsoft gave it dual tries, though a company’s wrist-worn Band aptness tracker is clearly no more. The Band 2 has been private totally from Microsoft’s online store, signaling that prolongation has ceased. It’s no longer accessible from Best Buy either, though Amazon is still selling through its remaining inventory. ZDNet reports that a association has no stream skeleton to recover a Band 3. The group obliged for a Band was recently dissolved, throwing doubt on Microsoft’s destiny skeleton for a product.

In a matter progressing this month, Microsoft insisted that it stays “deeply committed to ancillary a business and exploring a wearables space.” (HoloLens is technically a wearable, after all.) At a time, Microsoft also remarkable that a Band 2 was still actively being sole — though that’s no longer a box as of today. The Band’s program growth kit, that authorised apps to be combined for a device, has also been removed. Also in September, a association renamed a smartphone health app to Microsoft Band; that program stays accessible for existent users.

Microsoft Band

The first-generation Microsoft Band.

The Band was a warn announcement in Oct 2014, touted as a many modernized aptness tracker on a market. But a device, mostly criticized for a awkward, worried design, never unequivocally held on. Microsoft introduced a second-generation indication with combined facilities final year, though it also carried brazen many of a original’s flaws. And now a association has motionless to crawl out of aptness wearables — during slightest for a time being — and concede a marketplace to companies like Fitbit, Samsung, Garmin, Misfit, and smartwatch makers including Apple.

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