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The Life of Fi: 2 weeks with a Nexus 5X and Project Fi

It has been a small over dual weeks given I perceived my Nexus 5X regulating Google’s now invitationless Project Fi. Adjusting to life on Android Marshmallow after spending about a year regulating iOS was a small severe during first, yet I’ve finished some some-more settling in over a past 2 weeks to a indicate where we can safely contend I’m gentle regulating Android again. More importantly, we feel like we have a improved grasp of Project Fi and how good it works for my lifestyle.

I’ll start off by observant that Project Fi works really good for me, yet won’t for everyone. we do many of my work, both propagandize and career-wise, from home, so I’m frequency ever divided from a Wi-Fi network for long. One of a perks of Project Fi is that if we don’t use your data, they’ll credit your subsequent month’s check with a volume we didn’t use. In a past 19 days I’ve used 0.03GB of data, that is a prolonged ways off from attack my 1GB limit.

I don’t consider I’ll always be this lucky, yet it is singular that we transcend 2GB of information on any given month due to my circumstances. Sometimes I’ll check amicable media or use GPS to figure out where I’m going while I’m out and about, yet that’s about it. The large and side of Project Fi is that even yet we sealed adult 1GB of data, we don’t have to worry about going over my limit. Even if we went over, we would still be charged during a same $10/GB rate for an additional gigabyte of information – and again, we would usually be charged for a additional information that we indeed used. If we had used 1.3GB of data, we usually would be charged $3 extra. Essentially, Project Fi has no overages, and there’s a certain assent of mind that comes along with that.

As for a network itself, I’ve had no problems. we have used my phone a integrate of times out and about (specifically to see how good coverage worked) and in my area we gifted 0 issues with texting, MMS, or phone calls. However, once we headed to Gram and Gramps’ residence in a some-more farming area (an hour and a half south of a metro) we was totally but service, and adequate family gatherings have proven to me that a usually conduit that gets use down that approach is Verizon. But around a metro area we gifted 0 issues. Your formula might vary, of course. It’s critical to note that Project Fi’s network piggybacks off of both Sprint and T-Mobile networks, and apparently switches between a dual depending on that provider has a strongest vigilance wherever we are.

Project Fi’s judgment is admirable, and nonetheless there are some things about a 5X that I’m not anxious with (the battery empty when my shade is off is violent compared to how good my iPhone managed it) a trade-off of profitable $30 a month for radically a same $85/month use we have with ATT is really value a income I’m saving. we do, however, wish there some-more phones that were strictly upheld by Project Fi, nonetheless it seems that there is a using list of inclination that will “work” on Project Fi. Perhaps someday in a destiny we can be so lucky.

Readers, have we done a switch to Project Fi given they’ve left invitationless, or have we stranded with your stream carrier? Let us know in a comments below!


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