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The Google Wifi routers are small white pucks we can separate via your house

Google only couldn’t stop releasing new hardware products today. It’s partial of a new strategy: instead of vouchsafing other companies take a program and make stuff, Google is creation a initial chronicle itself. Just so with a Google Wifi, a router that follows a latest trend: instead of carrying a single, absolute (and ugly), mainly located router, we discharge a garland of smaller, nice-looking inclination around your residence in a filigree network.

Where Google had tapped ASUS and TP-Link for a OnHub, it’s creation a Wifi routers itself. The idea is a same, though: Google wants to infer it can do it improved than anybody, afterwards use that believe to let other hardware manufacturers make some-more routers regulating a system.

So what do we have with Wifi? First off, it’s inexpensive. A singular router runs $129, though a three-pack (which is what Google recommends for anybody with a home bigger 1,500 block feet) is $299. Both packages are cheaper than a router that’s gotten a many mindshare in consumer filigree network, Eero.

Developing, stay tuned for hands-on video!

Google Wifi hardware consists of a small, white puck. It’s not utterly as tiny as an Eero, though it’s tiny adequate and looks harmless adequate that we competence indeed be peaceful to set it out in a open, where Wi-Fi works best. There’s a Cylon-esque LED round in a center of each, where you’ll get several standing information.

Unfortunately, we haven’t indeed had a possibility to use Google Wifi, so we don’t know nonetheless either those lights are on all a time or how good it indeed works as a Wi-Fi router. But we can tell we that Google is articulate large diversion for it.

The key, for Google, is that it’s regulating appurtenance training in a cloud to optimize a filigree network. Most inclination aren’t really good about switching from one entrance indicate to a better, closer one on a same network. (iPhones, by a way, are improved than many during this, Google tells me). So Google Wifi points keep an eye on what’s connected to them and afterwards force a handoff themselves. Google says it’s targeting transitions that take reduction than 150 milliseconds, that should be probably invisible to a user.

If you’re looking for Very Serious Power User router stuff, Google Wifi competence not be for you. It’ll be tranquil a same approach a OnHub is, around a smartphone app. And it also lacks ports: only one Ethernet for internet entrance and one some-more for another device. It’s powered around USB-C.

One final note: I’m super not a fan of a name. The correct approach to write “Wi-Fi” is to use caps and a hyphen. Google Wifi has a collateral W and all else is lowercase. Fine. Whatever.

Google Wifi will be accessible for preorder in Nov and goes on sale in December.

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