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The Good Wife’s Hack Threatens—and Reveals—Everything

The Good WifeJeff Neumann/CBS

Alicia Florrick is removing her ducks in a quarrel now that The Good Wife is a new State’s Attorney, though those ducks aren’t accurately cooperating. David Lee and Julius wish her office, everybody wants her ear and favors and a organisation doesn’t wish to give her a buyout requested. However, somebody did send Alicia a prize from How to Get Away With Murder!!! “Whatever this is.” Amazing sight-gag.

Let’s mangle down any of Alicia’s visitors:
Castro: The exiting State’s Attorney came to Alicia with threats of sorts, revelation her it was prevalent for a incoming SA to fundamentally omit any intensity indiscretion a effusive one did. You know, like wrongfully pursue charges opposite Cary in propinquity to Lemond Bishop. You watch The Good Wife. You know Alicia doesn’t do good with threats.

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Lemond Bishop: Kalinda set adult a assembly with a scandalous drug lord. The approach Alicia said, “Kalinda, good morning!” had me meditative we’d get a stage between a dual of them this episode. That and a hacking organisation scenes, though alas…Anyway, Bishop asked Alicia to have all investigations forsaken so he can retire and spin over a new root for Dylan. Alicia betrothed shield if Bishop incited over justification and testified opposite his lieutenants. You watch The Good Wife. You know Bishop doesn’t do good with threats.

Guy Redmayne: Ed Asner can certain play a pleasant extremist well. Redmayne wanted a preference too. After all, he did give Alicia a ton of money. But Alicia wasn’t utterly prepared to palm over her emissary mark to somebody she didn’t approve of. Enter Eli Gold to propagandize Alicia in a art of favors, observant no and being vague. “You never, ever contend no,” he told her. And afterwards Alicia had to impetus around holding behind all of her “No” responses.

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The Good WifeJeff Neumann/CBS

While all this was going on, Finn Polmar was negotiating Alicia’s exit package from a firm. Of march income was a adhering point. Alicia wanted more, a organisation didn’t wish to give it, citing a remove of Chum Hum and lapse to Lockhart/Gardner offices. The dual parties couldn’t come to an agreement, with Alicia finale a negotiations observant she wouldn’t let a offer cloud any destiny cases they have opposite one another.  

“Was that a thinly-veiled threat?”
“Nope, a really transparent one.”

 And afterwards Alicia asked Finn to be her emissary in a SA office. Could they work good together? As only colleagues?

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As Alicia got her residence in order, Diane and Cary worked on a copyright/trademark case. The Good Wife took on a Sony email hack. A PR association leaked a film early in attempts to drum adult viral seductiveness unbeknownst to a filmmaker, so a box went from copyright transgression to heading tarnishment. But a conduct of a record pity use rallied his Internet infantry and they hacked Florrick/Agos and Lockhart’s emails. Ever consternation what your coworkers contend about we and clients? Yeah, it was juicy. Howard Lyman pronounced he slept with Kalinda, everybody suspicion David Lee was happy and Diane, Cary and Alicia all pronounced some flattering meant things about any other. Alicia’s emails to Peter and Will were also scheduled to come out and we got acknowledgment about Alicia’s night with Johnny. “Relax, it was only a one-night stand, despite a good one.” The box dragged on until a filmmaker motionless to settle when his association was threatened with an email hack. The excellent lawyers apologized to any other and all went behind to normal…or did it?

Gasp count: 1.

Some other things:
A impulse of overpower for Diane’s flawless delegate and glasses.

Guy Redmayne and his feet fetish…
“I adore women’s feet.”
“There’s this prostitute in Arizona…”
“Your feet are like hers!”

“Be a Disney princess!” Eli to Alicia.

 “No. Just hot. And gassy.” Marissa on vital in Israel to Grace

The Good Wife front Sundays, 9 p.m. on CBS.

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