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The developer Apple criminialized for essay feign reviews offers explanation of his innocence

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This story between a developer that Apple
booted from a App Store final week, who creates a popular
app called Dash,
 is heating up.

Last week, this developer, Bogdan Popescu, wrote a blog post
observant that Apple had indicted him of essay feign reviews, banned
him and adult and deleted his criticism but warning.

Popescu wrote that he never wrote feign reviews. The story blew up
and developers, who desired his app, upheld him and were angry
during Apple. 

On Monday, Apple seemed to explain what happened. It sent
out a matter to several news sites, including Business
Insider, that pragmatic a developer was fibbing by observant that
Apple had found 1,000 feign reviews opposite dual accounts and 25
apps “for this developer.”

Apple insisted that it had warned a developer good in
allege and attempted to work with him before banning him.

But Popescu has
usually responded to Apple
with what he says unequivocally went

He says he helped a relations open an Apple developer
criticism by profitable with his possess credit label and afterwards giving that
chairman some aged exam equipment. Apple, different to him, noticed
a same credit label and contrast apparatus and related the
accounts, Popescu says.

It was this second related criticism that was apparently involved
with a feign reviews, not a categorical criticism that Popescu had
been regulating for years to tell and support Dash.

When Apple criminialized a developer and booted him off a App Store,
it close down all a accounts it had related to him. Popescu

“I was not wakeful my criticism was related to another until Apple
contacted me Friday, 2 days after shutting my account. we was never
told of any kind of indiscretion before my criticism was

After a initial story of his removing criminialized by Apple
went viral
, he was in hit with Apple final Friday, he

“They told me they’d reactivate my criticism if I’d make a blog
post revelation some wrongdoing. we told them we can’t do that,
given we did zero wrong. On Saturday they told me that they
are excellent with me essay a law about what happened, and that
if we did that, my criticism would be restored. Saturday night I
sent a blog post breeze to Apple and have given waited for their

“Tonight Apple motionless to credit me of utilizing a App Store
in open around a spokesperson.”

Popescu posted a recording of a review between a Apple
repute and himself revelation him what to write in a blog post. 

The Apple rep also mentions Apple’s clamp boss of
selling Phil Schiller, explaining:

“He’s dissapoint about this and he wants to make it right for we and
for Apple. He wants to make it transparent that we didn’t make a
mistake here, right? We’re assured in a investigations that
we did that there was fraud. It wasn’t on your approach account, it
was on a related account. We did yield warnings to that account
and we incited them off.”

The usually problem is, according to this latest account, Apple did
make a mistake. Based on this recording, it sounds like Apple
didn’t send warnings to both of a accounts before it terminated
both of them.

Apple could not be reached for criticism on this blog


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