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The Autopsy Report in a Chicago Police Shooting

NEWS BRIEF The unarmed black teen who officers chased into a backyard in a Chicago suburb final month and fatally shot as he ran divided was struck by a bullet in a back, according to a Cook County medical examiner’s office.

The report, performed Wednesday by a Chicago Tribune, found that Paul O’Neal, 18, died of a singular gunshot to a right side of his back. Footage expelled progressing this month prisoner O’Neal using from military and draining from his behind as officers reached him and handcuffed him. Sharon Fairley, a conduct of Chicago’s military slip agency, called a sharpened “shocking and disturbing” a day military expelled a videos.

On Jul 28, officers gave follow to O’Neal since he was pushing what military pronounced was a stolen car. In a footage, O’Neal side-swipes a military cruiser, and dual officers fire into a automobile as he drives past. That movement could be found to violate Chicago military policy, since banishment into a relocating vehicle—if that automobile is a usually arms that poses a hazard to officers—is not authorised by a department. O’Neal eventually crashed to a stop down a travel and ran from a automobile into a backyard.  


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