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Ted Cruz: Principled or self-satisfied know-it-all?

Beneath Cruz’s hypnotizing vocalization impression — midnight-smooth delivery, never ruffled, even as he drops lacerating lines about a evils of Obamacare — and his unthreatening coming — suits, slicked-back black hair, baby-faced mettle — how a senator would oversee stays unclear. Is he a rigidly formidable originalist or, as Cruz argues some-more like Ronald Reagan, who preached regressive populism though governed as a dealmaker?

Although his father mostly proudly introduces his son guaranteeing that “Ted will not compromise,” Cruz says he follows Reagan’s approach: Push for singular government, though take what we can get. Despite a renouned mimic of him as inflexible, Cruz says, “If they offer we half a loaf, we take it – and afterwards come behind for more.”

Then Cruz volunteers a story “that competence assistance we know me.”

It’s comparison year in high school, only before homecoming, and a kids during a opposition propagandize in Houston have managed to steal the propagandize dwindle from Cruz’s Second Baptist School. Cruz, a valedictorian, calls 3 buddies and says it’s time to accurate revenge. They buy 36 rolls of toilet paper, 3 cans of shred cream, toothpaste and shampoo. That night, they paper a gym during Northwest Academy, withdrawal behind a Hallmark label inscribed, in lipstick, with a message, “It’s not good to steal.”

The janitors during Northwest view Cruz and his squad and give chase. With Wagner’s “Ride of a Valkyries” grating on a cassette deck – a guys knew it as the attack thesis from “Apocalypse Now” – Cruz drives a getaway vehicle, “the Green Bomb,” his 1978 Ford Fairmont. Alas, a group from Northwest take down Cruz’s permit image number. The subsequent day, he is called to see the principal.

Cruz fesses adult – yes, it was his car, his TP job. But asked to name his accomplices, Cruz quietly replies, “I’m not going to tell you.”

“I figured you’d contend that,” a principal says. He pulls from his table drawer a minute he has created and signed, seeking a acknowledgment bureau during Princeton – that has already supposed Cruz – to revoke their offer.

Cruz will not budge. “I cruise it a matter of impression and firmness not to rodent on my friends,” he says.

Whereupon a principal calls Cruz’s father, who tells his son, “Ted, only get out of high school.” The son explains his friendship to a no-snitching principle, and Rafael Cruz accepts a argument. “You’re right, and I’m unapproachable of you,” his father tells him.

As it incited out, a principal had already identified a other culprits. The minute to Princeton was never sent. Cruz had stood high – and won.


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