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Technology: The iPhone 7 Is Coming: Here’s Everything We’ve Heard So Far

It started with a barbarous explanation that a new device would come though a headphone jack. Wait? What? Why? Then came a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth over this good violation foisted on consumers by Apple. Apple is radically forcing new iPhone owners to use a dongle if they wish to keep regulating their customary analog headphones.

Cascading downhill from a headphone jack bombshell came a array of smaller reveals about a subsequent iPhone, that will likely, though not certainly, be called a iPhone 7. All in all, a new phone (based on what we now know) can’t be pronounced to be a large reinvention of a iconic device. But it competence container usually adequate new facilities and member upgrades to lure we to upgrade.

The iPhone 7 is approaching to look somewhat opposite from a iPhone 6s—but not much. The phone will roughly positively come in twin sizes, substantially a same 4.9-inch and 5.5-inch shade variants as in a iPhone 6 and 6s. The cosmetic receiver subdivision inlays during a tip and bottom of a device are situated differently and are a small reduction prominent. One gossip says we competence see a new deep-blue tone option.

All-digital audio

About that headphone jack, as with many tech advances it comes with a good and a bad. Apple has always been on a front corner of adopting new tech standards. It led a approach in ditching floppy drives, 30-pin connectors, and embracing a USB-C port. The rest of a attention customarily follows. So it shouldn’t be too intolerable that it’s now relocating to embankment a 3.5mm headphone jack—the same jack used on a Sony Walkman behind in a ’80s!

The upside, we’re told, is that a audio peculiarity entrance out of a Lightning pier to a headphones will be of many aloft peculiarity than that delivered by a aged analog jack. It could capacitate some considerable new sound termination technology, too.

On a other hand, as digital rights romantic Cory Doctorow points out, a new all-digital audio smoke-stack in a iPhone competence emanate an eventuality for a record labels to levy new DRM controls on some kinds of audio content. The “analog hole” combined by a aged 3.5mm jack was a usually thing preventing them from doing so, from a technical indicate of view. Whether a calm owners will indeed seize on a eventuality is another doubt altogether.

The dismissal of a 3.5mm headphone jack creates some-more space both on a bottom of a phone and inside a shell. It’s approaching that Apple will use that space to supplement a second (presumably stereo) speaker.

Haptic home button

The iPhone 7 will have a pressure-sensitive home button. The button, a new Bloomberg report says, will give a user a haptic hum when pressed. It competence also perform opposite tasks formed on a force and generation of a downward press, identical to a “3D Touch” shade press underline on a iPhone 6.

Dual-lens camera

Apple is confronting critical foe from Samsung when it comes to a camera. For this reason we’re approaching to see a dual-lens camera on a behind of a subsequent iPhone. This information initial came from in-the-know researcher Ming-Chi Kuo, and was after revised to contend that usually a incomparable 5.5-inch Plus distance of a new iPhone would get a twin lenses.

The twin lenses would any take a sketch of a a subject, afterwards a twin images would be reconciled to emanate one higher-resolution image. This would revoke a grainy demeanour we see when we wizz in on your photos, and it competence revoke a graininess of images shot in low-light conditions. Overall, photos shot with a dual-lens camera would be noticeably crook and some-more accurate.

However, a picture files combined competence be larger, so storage on a phone becomes some-more of an issue. Also, a phone would need some-more RAM to hoop a graphics estimate of dual-lens images. And finally, a new iPhone is approaching to offer distant some-more onboard sharpened and modifying controls, that also need some-more estimate power.

Specs upgrade

Every new iPhone gets a specs upgrade, so a iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will have a some-more absolute processor than their predecessors, and will approaching come with incomparable storage options. One gossip says that a incomparable “Plus” chronicle of a phone will offer 3GB of RAM to hoop increasing print estimate chops.

No Pro?

A news report seemed currently observant that Apple had creatively designed to recover 3 new phones—the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and 7 “Pro,” a Pro being fundamentally an iPhone 7 Plus with a Smart Connector on a behind and a dual-lens camera. Then, usually months before launch, it motionless to 86 a Pro chronicle and give a “Plus” chronicle a dual-lens camera. The preference was reportedly formed on rarely rival conditions in a smartphone market.


The new iPhones will be waterproof, presumably to a IP68 rating of a new Samsung Note 7. This means that a phone will be dust-resistant and means to strengthen itself when submerged in a scale of water.

The subsequent iPhone will approaching be presented to a open for a initial time during an Apple eventuality this fall. A new Apple Watch (or two) will approaching make an appearance.

The new $399 iPhone SE is reportedly offered improved than expected, though we’ve listened zero about an ascent to that device—maybe subsequent year.


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