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Tebow struggles in Arizona Fall League entrance (0:39)

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PHOENIX — In a shadows of University of Phoenix Stadium, where he won a college football inhabitant championship with a Florida Gators in 2007, Tim Tebow’s sternest round exam nonetheless got off to a still start.

After fouling off a span of full-count pitches from Washington Nationals available Austin Voth, Tebow grounded out to second bottom in his initial Arizona Fall League at-bat. He went on to finish 0-for-3 with a span of groundouts and a squibber in front of a plate, as his Scottsdale Scorpions kick a Glendale Desert Dogs 9-6 before an announced throng of 912 during Camelback Ranch on Tuesday.

“Obviously, we wish we could have finished a small bit some-more during a image and got a integrate of hits,” Tebow pronounced after his AFL debut. “But it was fun. You’ve got to strike a small decay off. … Each day is not only about a result. It’s about: What are we learning? How are we improving? How are we going to be means to take that over into open training?”

On opening day in a joining for tip prospects, Tebow also held a slight fly round and slammed into a wall while posterior another shot. He logged 5 innings in left field.

“Where my face went into a wall?” Tebow pronounced with a giggle when asked about his luckless locate attempt. “I knew it was strike well, so we only attempted to make a play on it. we was going flattering tough and suspicion we had another step or dual and ran into a wall. But I’ve been strike harder, so I’m OK.”

The assemblage during a open training trickery of a Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox represented about 3 times a normal throng for an AFL game. Afterward, Tebow sealed autographs for fans down a third-base line.

When one fan had a seizure, Tebow opted to stay with him until paramedics arrived.

“I only remember only being unequivocally disoriented,” Brandon Berry told The Associated Press by phone. “Then we saw Tim.”

The 30-year-old pronounced he was OK during home in circuitously Avondale, Arizona, after being expelled from a hospital.

Berry pronounced he doesn’t remember many after a seizure, solely that he told a 2007 Heisman Trophy leader that he cheered for Georgia — an SEC opposition of Tebow’s Florida Gators.

Daniel Kelly, a Tebow fan from Casa Grande, Arizona, pronounced he met Berry early in a game. Kelly was removing a round autographed by Tebow when a seizure began.

“He’s only jolt violently,” Kelly told a AP. “We’re like, ‘Get a paramedic! Get a paramedic!'”

Kelly pronounced he and his wife, Samantha, began to pray. Kelly afterwards looked adult to see that Tebow was also praying while fixation a palm on Berry’s leg.

Kelly pronounced Berry seemed comatose for about 30 seconds before entrance to with a coughing fit. Officials from a track tended to him while available paramedics from a Phoenix Fire Department.

Kelly pronounced it was nearby 100 degrees during a track and that Berry was with him in a object for many of a game.

Berry pronounced he has been carrying seizures given 2013 and was diagnosed with a pituitary growth in January. He pronounced he had an MRI on Tuesday to guard his condition before going to a game.

Berry pronounced he isn’t a Tebow fan though that he went to a diversion to take in a philharmonic of saying a superstar, despite from another sport.

“Like saying somebody like Chipper Jones when we grew adult watching,” pronounced Berry, creatively from Hayesville, North Carolina.

As for a diversion itself, Tebow did not have a same sorcery in his AFL entrance as when he was reintroduced to round dual weeks ago in a enlightening league.

In Port St. Lucie, Florida, on Sept. 28, Tebow homered on a initial representation he saw. The prolonged round came in a 29-year-old Tebow’s initial grave round diversion given a state semifinal as a youth in high school.

Tebow sealed a teenager joining understanding with a New York Mets for $100,000 final month, following a veteran football career that enclosed stops with a Denver Broncos and New York Jets.

Scottsdale manager Tom Goodwin was speedy by Tebow’s opening on Tuesday, that enclosed saying 14 pitches over 3 at-bats.

“Day 1. we suspicion it was a good day. we unequivocally did — apparently saying a pitches,” Goodwin said. “This is a initial diversion we got a possibility to see him. The image fortify is going to be pivotal for him — to try to 0 in and get a good pitch. we consider he’ll be means to do that a small bit some-more as he gets used to being out there and playing.”

As Tebow added, “I felt like we saw a pitches well. we only rolled over a integrate — pitches we should have finished some-more with.”

Alabama-Tennessee on Saturday.

Meanwhile, deliberation he was personification within walking stretch of one of his biggest football moments, Tebow was asked if a vicinity done him skip that sport.

“I have good memories in that stadium,” Tebow said. “You really skip football sometimes. I’m grateful we get to speak about it each weekend. And that’s fun. There are times you’re like, ‘Man, we still adore a sport.’ It’s super fun. But this is also a lot of fun.”

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.


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