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Samsung released a new statement on its exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones – BGR

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall is a massive headache for the company. Even though Samsung is replacing some 2.5 million units that might house faulty batteries, reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7 units continue to pop up on an almost daily basis. ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacement: How To Tell Which Ones Do Not Have Exploding Batteries – Tech Times

Samsung, which launched a worldwide recall for the Galaxy Note 7 early this month due to incidents of exploding batteries, is almost ready to begin shipping out a new batch of the smartphones that will not be suffering from the dangerous ...

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Beware: Exploding Politics – New York Times

When the U.S. military trains fighter pilots, it uses a concept called the OODA loop. It stands for observe, orient, decide, act. The idea is that if your ability to observe, orient, decide and act in a dogfight at 30,000 ...

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