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Swedish scientist edits DNA of healthy embryos—should open worry?

[On Sept. 22,] an NPR report, “Breaking Taboo, Swedish Scientists Seeks To Edit DNA of Healthy Human Embryos,” stokes a long-lived “designer baby” fears. Actually what researcher Fredrik Lanner…is doing is seeking to revise genes in donated embryos to improved know infertility problems.


“If we’re going to be producing genetically mutated babies, we are all too expected to find ourselves in a universe where those babies are viewed to be biologically superior….” [Marcy] Darnovsky says. “That could lead to all sorts of amicable disasters. It’s not a universe we wish to live in.”

First, this is really early days and nothing of a embryos edited by Lanner will turn children, so bloviating opposite engineer babies is a tad premature. Second, and many importantly, note that Darnovsky is opposite a record even if it’s safe. In other words, it is presumably ethical to forestall relatives from regulating a record that would gangling their children of terrible diseases and…enable them to have stronger bodies, some-more effective defence systems and some-more nimble brains.

The GLP many-sided and excerpted this blog/article to simulate a farrago of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, strange post: ‘Designer Baby’ Scaremongering Never Gets Old, Does It?


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