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Survey: Americans Split on Attitudes Toward Islam, Extremism

A new consult suggested a pointy disproportion between Democrats and Republicans on how a subsequent boss of a United States should plead Islamic extremism.

The Pew Research Center study found 65 percent of Republicans, or those who gaunt Republican, wish President Barack Obama’s inheritor to pronounce bluntly about Islamic extremism, even if a statements are vicious of Islam as a whole.

However, 70 percent of Democrats, or those who gaunt Democratic, consider a subsequent boss should pronounce some-more carefully.

Overall though, half of all Americans wish a subsequent boss not to malign Islam as a whole when articulate about Islamic extremism.

The survey, that was conducted final month, also found that scarcely half of those asked trust that some Muslim adults reason anti-American attitudes, including 11 percent who trust that “most” or “almost all” U.S. Muslims are anti-American.

Previous study

A prior survey, conducted in Dec by a Pew Research Center, found scarcely half of Americans consider Islam is some-more expected than other religions to inspire violence, with a identical series observant they are “very concerned” about a arise of Islamic extremism in a U.S.

But a stream consult by Pew finds that scarcely two-thirds of Americans trust a bigger problem is that sacrament is being used by aroused people to clear their actions.

Obama visited an Islamic mosque in Baltimore Wednesday, where he concurred a “hugely distorted” disastrous perspective Muslim-Americans have had to continue with a arise of terrorism-related assault by Islamist extremists.


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