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Suicide Squad Is Still Making Tons of Money, Here’s How Much

In a summer where nostalgia has started to uncover a downside, charcterised films have ruled a roost, and superhero films have unequivocally usually had one outrageous hit, Suicide Squad helped keep a faith when it comes to large sheet cinematic universes. And while a DC Comics design did humour a standard slip in a distinction picture, it managed to sojourn series 1 during a box office, with an estimated $43.8 million showing.

This guess was reported by Variety, that puts a film above would-be contenders Sausage Party and Pete’s Dragon, that came in second and third during a box office, respectively. While $43.8 million isn’t a best second weekend we’ve seen this summer, generally from a juggernaut as outrageous as Suicide Squad was in a initial weekend, it did conduct one small, though critical victory: it available a improved second weekend than Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Percentage wise, this weekend’s 67.3% dump for Suicide Squad was improved than a 69.1% dump that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice suffered progressing this year. It’s not a outrageous difference, though it’s closer to Man of Steel’s 64.6% slip in a second weekend, that could prove that a DC Cinematic Universe is on a mend. In a best box scenario, Wonder Woman’s recover subsequent summer could assistance retreat a trend even further, as a expectation for that film could be totalled as on standard with, if not larger than, a stream DC Comics offering. Of course, this would have been an easier prospect, had a source presumably from inside Warner Bros not expel a flattering large shade over executive Patty Jenkins’ superhero debut.


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