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Submission Radio #102: Wonderboy, El Cucuy, Owen Roddy, Jason Parillo, Simon Head, Jeremy Botter + UFC Portland!

Submission Radio earnings this week with a PACKED episode, featuring interviews with Stephen Thompson, Tony Ferguson, Conor McGregor’s manager Owen Roddy, Jason Parillo and Matt Morea AKA a “Tie Guy” from a UFC 205 press conference. Also, Simon Head breaks down UFC Fight Night: Lineker vs. Dodson and previews UFC 204: Bisping vs. Henderson 2, and Jeremy Botter gives his take on Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez and Jose Aldo’s successive purported retirement.

As always, a video above facilities clickable annotations and timestamps, and subsequent is a outline of what to design on a episode. We wish we suffer a show!

– Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson earnings (at a 1:27:42 mark) to discuss:

  • His quarrel opposite Tyron Woodley during UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor
  • Where he was and how he found out that he finally got a welterweight pretension shot
  • What it was like entrance face to face with Tyron during a UFC 205 press discussion and what he saw in Tyron’s eyes
  • The New York throng booing Woodley and chanting his name
  • His father and Tyron going during it on twitter
  • Woodley claiming that his humbleness is feign and that he doesn’t honour him as a man
  • Overcoming Tyron’s wrestling and how he sees himself violence Tyron
  • Being on a same label as New York Middleweight Chris Weidman and hidden Weidman’s belt
  • Thoughts on Conor McGregor jumping a reserve to get a lightweight pretension shot
  • Who he’ll give a subsequent pretension shot to and lots more!

– Conor McGregor’s longtime distinguished manager and former Cage Contender champion Owen Roddy jumps on (at a 4:24 mark) to speak about:

  • The quarrel between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez during UFC 205
  • When he found out about a hitch and because it took so prolonged to announce
  • The rumors of Conor’s leg injury
  • If there was vigour to face Jose Aldo instead and Jose requesting his UFC release
  • How he thinks Alvarez rubbed Conor’s written conflict and mental crusade during a UFC 205 press conference
  • Alvarez compared to Conor’s past opponents
  • Overcoming Eddie’s wrestling
  • The disproportion in traning Conor for Alvarez as opposite to Diaz
  • Why he doesn’t trust a quarrel will final long
  • McGregor during lightweight and if he’ll ever go behind down to featherweight
  • John Kavanagh’s thought for an all-coach deteriorate of The Ultimate Fighter
  • Why he looks behind fondly on a argument with Team Diaz and more!

– Tony Ferguson earnings to a module (at a 31:16 mark) to discuss:

  • His quarrel opposite Rafael dos Anjos
  • What a win does for him in a swarming UFC lightweight division
  • His thoughts on Conor McGregor severe Eddie Alvarez for a lightweight pretension during UFC 205
  • Who he thinks wins
  • Why super fights don’t seductiveness him
  • How he skeleton on violence a former UFC lightweight champion
  • If he thinks a KO detriment to Alvarez will play a cause in dos Anjos’ mind
  • Why he believes Michael Johnson will display Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • If he wants to rematch Micheal Johnson and revenge his loss
  • Building his code new training facility
  • Why he doesn’t wish any labels owning him
  • His thoughtfulness on his quarrel opposite Lando Vannata
  • What it means to him to quarrel in Mexico City and lots more!

– Jason Parillo returns (at a 1:00:43 mark) to speak about:

  • Michael Bisping fighting Dan Henderson during UFC 204
  • How he keeps Michael from removing too romantic in a fight
  • Training Michael while he’s filming another movie
  • His thoughts on Dan Henderson’s skills these days
  • Cris Cyborg’s win over Lina Lansberg and a heartless weight cut to 140
  • Jason’s concerns over how a cut affects Cyborg’s opening and if he would like to see a women’s 145lb multiplication added
  • Dana White observant Ronda Rousey 100% wants Cris Cyborg
  • If there’s an death date on a Cyborg/Rousey super quarrel and lots more!

– Matt Morea AKA “The Tie Guy” from a UFC 205 press discussion creates a fun entrance on a uncover (at a 50:16 mark) to simulate on a doubt that shook adult a press discussion and a events surrounding it.

– Simon Head (The Sun.co.uk) creates his initial entrance on SR (at a 1:50:24 mark) to plead UFC Fight Night: Lineker vs. Dodson and preview UFC 204: Bisping vs. Henderson 2.

– Jeremy Botter (FloSports) returns (at a 1:33:07 mark) to plead UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor, what he thinks of a quarrel finally entrance together and because it took so prolonged to announce, McGregor removing a lightweight pretension shot and if it warrants not rematching Jose Aldo for a featherweight belt, Aldo’s ask for recover from a UFC and purported retirement, if a UFC can means to recover a former featherweight king, a behind-the-scenes attribute between Conor McGregor and Dana White, how he sees a quarrel between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez going, who a improved rabble talker is out of Chael Sonnen and Conor McGregor, and more!

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