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StubHub Eyes Movie Theaters as Ticket Seller Looks Beyond Sports, Concerts

After building a core business around live song and sports, online sheet reseller StubHub is looking to supplement film theaters, thesis parks, museums and other nontraditional businesses to a platform.

It’s a enlargement into offered film tickets that should generally perk adult Hollywood’s ears — and those of executives during Fandango and MovieTickets.com as another intensity opposition stairs on their turf.

In a year where back-to-back tentpoles — from April’s “Furious 7″ to December’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Jurassic World,” among other vast releases in between — are approaching to boost a box bureau to record levels, StubHub is deliberation ways to gain on all that activity during a megaplex.

One approach could be to attorney partnerships with vast muster chains. The association already started charity live museum tickets by pacts with companies like Nederlander to fill seats during Hollywood’s Pantages Theatre for “Wicked,” for example, and shows on Broadway like “Book of Mormon,” by Telecharge.

While exhibitors have never been penetrating on discounting tickets by other sellers, StubHub could infer useful in stuffing screenings during off-peak hours like matinees or weeknights when business is slower.

“We’re positively transitioning to expanding a marketplace from what we’ve traditionally finished and have been famous for,” Michael Katz, StubHub’s conduct of businessman services, told Variety. “We’re relocating a formula from normal sports into new areas of live party and saying where that goes. That’s where we’ve been spending a focus.”

Exhibitors could welcome eBay-owned StubHub a approach vital eventuality producers like AEG have.

With 40% of unison tickets going unsold any year, StubHub helped attract hulk eventuality promoters like AEG when it began legitimizing a delegate ticketing marketplace by charity a protected place for venues to yield their unsold tickets during a ignored price, as good as an opening for people who wanted to offload their possess tickets. As a result, StubHub claims it radically helped moment down on scalpers, and gave consumers a approach around carrying to understanding with potentially untrustworthy characters.

StubHub doesn’t need deals with exhibitors in sequence to sell tickets to screenings. Because a height is open to everybody and any form of ticket, film tickets can be sole though StubHub requiring a understanding with a chain. And they competence not care, deliberation that in sequence to sell on StubHub, a sheet was already purchased, definition a exhibitor has already collected a money.

As a result, it is positively fathomable that an businessman could buy out a initial showings of “Star Wars” during a vital venue, for example, and offer them during a reward cost on StubHub.

Whether that will occur is another matter. But there already have been instances on StubHub’s site where users have sole passes to high-profile movie events.

When Regal Cinemas’ 4DX museum non-stop during Los Angeles’ L.A. Live venue with “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” in 2014, tickets for a initial showings wound adult on StubHub.

That held AEG, that has a tighten attribute with StubHub given 2012, off ensure — and started giving a hulk upholder some ideas of other events it could start charity by a delegate ticketing marketplace.

“We didn’t design it,” pronounced Todd Goldstein, AEG’s arch income officer, of a 4DX sheet sales. “It wouldn’t startle me if people will do that again this year with Hollywood releasing many vast films. we consider we were astounded that there was a marketplace for that kind of product.”

StubHub will positively be touting a ability to pierce tickets during 550 venues that furnish live theater, music, film and other events in a U.S., Canada, and a U.K., as partial of a understanding with AudienceView. StubHub also offers tickets to a Metropolitan Museum of Art, a Andy Warhol Museum and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum by approach deals with a venues.

In further to stuffing some-more film museum seats, StubHub’s enlargement into ancillary other events could also yield studios like Warner Bros. with an event to sell tickets directly to consumers when it kicks off a DC Comics superhero-themed “The Art of a Brick” Lego muster after this year.

StubHub collects a commission of any sheet sale, and separated dark fees in 2014. Professional brokers make adult around 35% of a sales, with particular tickets sellers accounting for a rest.

While eBay does not mangle out StubHub’s revenues, it sells one sheet each second, and saw a mobile height grow some-more than 40% final year.

AEG generally touts StubHub’s technology, with tickets providing buyers a bar formula that can be scanned during venues, only like any other ticket.

“Their record is as good as it comes in this industry,” Goldstein said. “There’s a trust cause that comes with StubHub that’s undeniable. When we post your tickets there, you know it’s going to work as a customer or seller.”

That was generally tested during a Super Bowl, when sheet sellers pulled tickets that they had committed to delegate marketplaces in an bid to force sellers to lift a cost of a supply four-fold. StubHub wound adult holding a seven-figure detriment in sequence to perform each Super Bowl sheet sole on a height and even stepped adult for business that had been burnt by other delegate ticketing platforms. The pierce competence have cost StubHub money, though it incited a association into a favourite during a vast game, that generated substantial goodwill.

“No one wants to be in a situation where a bar codes don’t work,” Katz said. “That creates an uncomfortable situation when we business get to a box office. StubHub has mitigated those issues.”

StubHub already has been expanding a height to turn some-more of a source for entertainment.

Its unison find app, StubHub Music, sealed adult Spotify as a partner this week. The app, that has already been means to hunt an iTunes user’s library to surprise them when their favorite performers are personification a unison in their area, can now hunt Spotify as well. Naturally, tickets for those events are sole by a app.

“StubHub Music is dictated to assistance fans make certain they are not blank their favorite artists when they come to town,” pronounced Gary Kanazawa, conduct of StubHub Labs.

StubHub will supplement videos and interviews it produces during South by Southwest this month to a song app, as a approach to offer some-more content, and boost income opportunities.

Expanding a app — or rising another — to concentration on cinema wouldn’t be too difficult, however.

In last that nontraditional areas it wants to get into, StubHub closely monitors what a users are acid for.

Tickets for Disneyland frequently come up, a association says.

“We try to be a data-driven association in terms of a decisions we make,” Katz said. “We’re training from a fans who are typing in pivotal difference of things they competence want. That’s portion for us as a value map. If fans are looking for tickets for things though a register isn’t on that level, afterwards we go to a venue owner.”

StubHub has been approached by a series of companies, including rail sheet sellers and other companies in a transport industry.

“We’re approached flattering frequently on new opportunities,” Katz said. “The thing for us is creation certain we breakwater an knowledge that services a venue or skill and also allows us to broach register with a certain turn of ease.”

As it looks to enhance a use in a U.S. to embody some-more ticketing categories, it’s also increasingly looking during environment adult emporium in unfamiliar markets where film tickets could turn a source of revenue.

“We’re not utterly during a film museum theatre yet,” Katz cautions. “It competence not start tomorrow, though being a marketplace for fans to entrance party practice is positively how we’re looking during things relocating forward.”


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